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Ring in the New Year with the Best Jewelry Repair Tucson Has to Offer

January 10, 2018
Happy New Year! The ball has dropped, and we find ourselves in 2018, ready to start anew. You have heard the phrase…

Stewart Kuper Jewelers How-To: How to Clean a Diamond Ring

We are deep into the winter holidays. You may be heading home for the holidays, or entertaining family. Whatever your plans, we…

Selling a Ring to a Jewelry Store, What You Need to Know

  Welcome back to the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog! We hope your holidays are going great! Last time on the blog we…

Watches: Battery of Questions for Bobby; The Watch Guy

November 27, 2017
We are deep into November already! In just another couple short weeks it will be Thanksgiving and then it is the holidays!…

Special Metals: White Gold, Silver, Platinum

October 15, 2017
  Jewelry features a vast range of gemstones, and utilizes a wide range of precious metals. Three of the precious metals include…

Primer on Diamond Shapes

  Are you thinking about creating a custom diamond ring? Do you want to create the most unique engagement ring perfectly tailored…

Gifts for That Special Someone: Jewelry for Mom

September 15, 2017
She’s your first best friend. She works tirelessly, always with your needs taking precedence. She is your Mom. Whether it’s for your…

 August Birthstones :Spinel and Peridot

August 28, 2017
Before we look at the birthstones for the month, let’s get into some background information regarding birthstones. As you might already know,…

Creating Your Custom Engagement Ring

August 24, 2017
  The decision to link two lives together, to enjoy the adventures and adversities of life together, is a wonderful feeling. Proposals…

Keeping Your Jewelry Safe at Home

The unfortunate reality in our society is that home burglary is the most common threat to a home, with a home burglary…

History’s Hoards

July 31, 2017
  Thousands of glinting silver discs, rings, bars of silver and bronze scrap, make up the contents of a Viking hoard, just…

Missing Treasures

July 27, 2017
  We’re on a bit of treasure kick here and following last time’s discussion of salvage we wanted to talk about some…

Real Life Buried Treasure: Marine Salvage

July 21, 2017
Scuba diving among reefs, fish zipping to and fro, and finding a lost pirate’s treasure trove, isn’t just an Indiana Jones flick;…

July Birthstones from Onyx to Ruby  

    Hues of pink all the way to blood-red are possible variants of the Ruby gemstone. What is a Ruby? Rubies…

Extraordinary Diamonds Part 3

June 29, 2017
For this last entry in the Extraordinary Diamonds series from Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we are looking to the spooky! Sure, Halloween is…