Custom Designs

Jewelry, beginning with its conception by early man, has been used as a form of personal expression, individuality, to show love and as a way to stand out as a unique being. Though the design and perfection of jewelry has drastically altered and shifted throughout the years, the intention remains the same. Like any visual accessory that defines our appearances, jewelry should represent the strong and distinctive characteristics that make you, you.

At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we understand that you possess an intrinsic desire to define yourself with the projection of individuality. This is why we offer our in-house custom design studio. Our goldsmith services handle all of your custom needs in the comfort of our own store. From design to finish, our skillful staff will take your ideas and make them a beautiful reality. To ensure that we satisfy your specific vision, we enlist our most important resource in the process: you. Unlike other jewelry designers, we include you in the entirety of the process. From wax carving to the final polish, we take great joy in helping your vision come to life.

Understanding that change is inevitable, we strive to accommodate your jewelry revisions and alterations as well. We offer a large selection of restyling options, from pieces that have been pre-owned to estate wedding rings and inherited pieces. By altering jewelry of this nature, we are not only giving you a bold and beautiful new statement, we are also giving your outlook and perception on life a positive and exciting makeover.

Come speak with our staff, and feel confident that we will meet your expectations and embrace you, as the artist, in making your vision a reality.

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