Watches: Battery of Questions for Bobby; The Watch Guy

November 27, 2017

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We are deep into November already! In just another couple short weeks it will be Thanksgiving and then it is the holidays! That means one of the busiest times to give gifts is right around the corner! One of the popular options is the classical, timeless timepiece: the Watch.

To serve our readers better, we sat down with our resident Watch Guy, Bobby, to get some questions answered and further the discussion of watches. Hopefully, these answers resonate with any lingering questions you have on your mind.
Stewart Kuper Blog: You’re the Watch Guy, what does that entail?

Bobby: I take in watches for simple battery replacement all the way to servicing high-end watches. I can diagnose whether a watch needs something simple to something more complicated.

SKB: How’d you become the Watch Guy?

Bobby: I went to school to learn jewelry & watch repair.

SKB: When it comes to watches, what are the crucial things to look for?

Bobby: It depends on the watch. For sports watches you want to look at durability & dress watches the style.

SKB: Why buy a watch? What makes them special/unique/worth it?

Bobby: It is always with you, part of you so to speak. Time is important to everyone & it is easier to look at your watch than find a phone or clock. Plus they add to your personal style.

SKB: What is your favorite style, maker?

Bobby: I personally like Chronograph watches because I like the mechanical aspects. But I own 7 different watches for 7 different reasons. Omegas & Rolex would be at the top of my list.

SKB: Do watches make good gifts? Is there a particular ‘time’ or event that a watch is a go-to gift?

Bobby: Yes! They are perfect gifts for graduation, mother & father’s days, birthdays, and any other celebration.

SKB: What are the differences in styling for women and men’s watches?

Bobby: Women’s watches used to be petite. Now the ladies like the larger styles like the men wear. It is very popular now for women to wear men’s vintage Rolex watches.

As you can tell, Bobby knows his way around a wrist, a man of few words, he prefers his skills do the talking. Let’s expand further on some of what Bobby had to say.
As Bobby mentioned, watches make a great gift for just about any occasion, especially those that celebrate ‘time.’ Events like graduation or anniversaries in which the time has so much more meaning, the power of time, the commitment. Timepieces are excellent gifts.
Bobby mentioned his role as Watch Guy involves simple fixes to more complicated works. When it comes to watches there is no simpler fix than that of the watch battery. Traditionally, a brand new watch with a factory installed battery will last a few years. This is because the watch is fresh, the mechanisms are all fine-tuned. As time goes on the mechanisms wear down and the battery is used less efficiently.
This means the longer your watch has been on your wrist, the faster the battery will drain. Since they usually last a few years, you won’t need to see Bobby too often – though he is a delight! We will catch you back here in a couple of weeks for more jewelry and watch talk. Until then, happy holidays from the Stewart Kuper Jewelers family.