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5 Ways to Find Unique Engagement Rings

October 28, 2021
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When it comes to asking your significant other’s hand in marriage you want the moment to be perfect! You’ve planned everything in your head but it is now time to start shopping – it’s time for an engagement ring. If you’re like the millions of people getting engaged each year you want that ring to be special, to be exactly right, and in many cases to be unique. So how do you do just that?

First let’s dispel something quickly – a unique ring doesn’t have to be over the top, there are many specific things you can choose with a ring to make it unique for your special someone. Here are five ways to make your engagement ring unique!

5 Ways to Get a Unique Engagement Ring

Choosing a Fancy Color Diamond

The first and most obvious thing you can do to make your engagement ring standout from the crowd is to change up the diamond. The most popular (and therefore often seen) engagement rings feature colorless diamonds. But what about fancy colored diamonds?

Created when there are anomalies in the diamond when it is formed, fancy diamonds take on different colors such as pink, blue, purple, green. There’s a wide range of brilliant and fascinating colors and they are all caused because of differences in atomic structure or other unique scenarios. This makes for a unique color and a discussion piece, “Wow! How’d you get such a beautiful yellow stone?” “Well you see, there was more nitrogen in its atomic structure years and years ago resulting in this!” 

Typically fancy colored diamonds are going to be more expensive than their clear kin, but switching to a fancy colored diamond is a sure fire way to make your ring more unique. 

Using a Gemstone Instead

While we’re talking about changing up the diamond coloring, what if you didn’t use a diamond at all? A simple way to make a ring unique is to travel off the beaten path of diamond center stones and choose another gemstone. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and more there are a huge range of gemstones that can be chosen instead of a standard diamond – all will give the ring a beautiful sparkle! Because the gemstones are so different and have a huge range of differences between them all the cost can be more or less than your standard ring – but one thing’s for sure! It WILL be unique!

Using More Than One Metal

Ok, moving away from the stones for a minute and let’s look at the metals! Most rings are made out of a single metal all the way through: your golds, your platinums. But if you combine the two you’re entering a world of unique! The metals can run in parallel around the ring, one can be used as a detailed layer or in the setting, really there’s no limit to how the metals can be used! While it may not be as pronounced a difference as the stone, it does create a unique twist!

Going Vintage

Going with a vintage engagement ring  is another great way to find a unique engagement ring! Engagement rings in the past were often designed in ways different from the designs of today which gives them a unique style all their own. The rings can have handmade, intricate details – if it was handmade it might even be asymmetrical or possess some other unique differences that come from being handmade decades ago!

Some other benefits of going the vintage route is that they have the potential to be a value, as they can be less than modern made rings. They also are of good quality and have proven themselves as durable given that they have lasted through the years.

Making it Yourself!

Now there’s a proper way to ensure a ring is unique and unlike any other engagement ring floating around – you design and make it yourself! When it comes to creating the engagement ring yourself the possibilities are endless! Work with a skilled jeweler to pick the pieces you like from other rings and bring them together in one cohesive and unique ring. You can choose settings, metals, stones, everything.

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