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Alternative Wedding Bands

September 17, 2015
Stewart Kuper

Platinum and gold are classic, timeless materials for use in engagement rings. They are beautiful, elegant, and eternally stylish. For intrepid couples, a bounty of alternative exists. If you would like to try an alternative style wedding band, it is important to do your research, and learn the pros and cons of various alternative materials.
Titanium weddings bands are becoming an increasingly popular choice for modern couples. Titanium has a polished, sleek, silver-grey appearance. Titanium is an extremely strong and durable material. It is light and malleable, capable of being shaped into a nearly endless array of styles. One of the few negatives of titanium is its susceptibility to scratches, and its tendency to show wear.
Tungsten rings are some of the most scratch resistant rings currently on the market. They also come in a variety of shades. Tungsten is a naturally gray material, however it can be coated to appear white and black as well. This coating can even be etched to give tungsten rings additional styling options. Although these rings are scratch resistant, they are susceptible to shattering or fracturing if they are dropped. Like many of these modern materials, tungsten rings cannot be resized.