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Basic, Classic Styles – Jewelry for Men

April 8, 2019
Helix House

Last time on the blog we discussed the history of engagements, both their jewelry and their history, and near the end we remarked upon something of a new trend: engagement jewelry for men. It’s not something that is traditionally associated with the masculine, but it is an encouraging new option for those who wish to pop the question to their boyfriend and not the other way around. This time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog, we are going to widen the scope a bit and look at jewelry for men as a whole. Buckle up!

Classic Jewelry for Men


When it comes to necklaces, the standard for men is basic and classic. Think thin or thick chains (gold or silver) in medium or short lengths. It is a subdued, simple piece of ornamentation that doesn’t look too flashy. They look great, classing up even a simple t-shirt look.


Rings are always acceptable, especially wedding rings. These are most commonly simple designs made of silver, gold, titanium or other metals. They need not be the only ring a man wears of course. There are fraternity rings, sports championship or just decorative rings that a man can wear.

How many rings can a man wear at once?  Easy – as many as he can pull off, depending on the situation of course. In an office or corporate environments, it’s probably better to stick to single bands in simple designs but if you’re in a casual setting go wild with style, confidence is the only limiting factor!

Lapel Pins & Tie Bars

Speaking of office environments, there is a whole world of formal, utilitarian jewelry for men. These are understated but elegant pieces, often gold or other metals in a variety of shapes. You can have a simple flat gold bar or a brass fish hook design keeping your tie flat. Lots of options when it comes to these kinds of pieces.

Style Note: When wearing a tie bar, it should always go between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt.


Bracelets come in a variety of styles and materials of precious metals.  Unlike bracelets for women, these usually do not have any charms, pendants, or other extraneous pieces dangling from them.

But, perhaps the most common piece of wrist jewelry out there is the watch!


Watches are another safe bet, like wedding rings. You can always wear your favorite timepiece, no matter the occasion. When it comes to styling, remember that the simpler it is, the more dressy it appears.

Style Note: When it comes to wearing multiple pieces of jewelry at the same time, try to stick to matching the metals. Wear all white gold or all yellow gold. It helps with the overall look. Yellow gold goes well with earth tones like browns but also with accentuated colors like green or blue. White gold pieces can be excellent and eye-catching when worn with gray or black clothing.

The power of a simple solitary piece, a statement ring, bracelet or necklace can generate thousands of conversations but it’s of course always up to individual tastes.  If you are looking for some assistance in picking out a wonderful piece of jewelry for men in your life, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re happy to help!