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How to Pick an Engagement Ring

June 10, 2021
Well, you head into the jewelers, pick one out you like, pay money for the good and service. No, no, ok that’s…

Vintage Engagement Rings

May 27, 2021
Diamonds are Forever  It’s not just a slogan from De Beers or the title of a bad James Bond movie. It speaks…

FAQ About Engagement Rings

May 7, 2021
This time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog we’re answering all those frequently asked (or thought about) questions that can slip your…

How Much is Your Jewelry Worth?

April 29, 2021
Looking to sell your jewelry? Or are you just curious about what your collection is worth?  When it comes to precious stones…

How is Gold Formed? The Answer is Out of this World!

March 24, 2021
Gold – a precious metal, recognized throughout history as valuable sits locked away deep in the earth. How did it get there?…

How and Where to Sell Silver

March 5, 2021
On an earlier blog we talked about the price of gold and how people can sell their unwanted gold to Stewart Kuper…

Tips For Choosing Valentine’s Day Jewelry

February 10, 2021
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (no literally it’s right there!) and after this past year, it may have crept up…

What’s the Deal With Men’s Wedding Rings?

February 5, 2021
Welcome back to another entry here on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog! We spend a lot of time on this blog talking…

Stewart Kuper Jewelers – New Year’s Resolutions

January 24, 2021
The New Year has finally arrived! So many people around the world use this fresh year on the calendar as the perfect…

The Price of Gold

January 16, 2021
Welcome back to another entry of the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog! As we start the new year, we want to focus our…

Why Use a Local Jeweler?

January 8, 2021
In this era of instant gratification and online shopping, when anyone needs to buy something from dog food to even a new…

Getting a Marriage License in Tucson and What To Know to Elope!

January 1, 2021
Welcome back to another entry of the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog! Last month we talked about how this past year and the…

Happy Holidays and A Look Back at 2020!

December 22, 2020
It has been a wild year with some ups, some downs, and plenty of challenges. As we look back on another year,…

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2020
This time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog we are keeping it short and sweet! It is Thanksgiving and we wanted to…

Weddings in the New Normal?

November 6, 2020
The world is different now, 2020 has brought about a lot of changes in every aspect of our lives. As we approach…