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Buying an Engagement Ring… Where to Start? (Part 1)

December 16, 2016
Helix House

There isn’t a more important moment in a relationship than becoming engaged! Not only does it symbolize the love that two people share for each other, but it also represents the beginning of the rest of your lives. Even though the act of getting on one knee and proposing can be frightening and exciting, the same goes for choosing that perfect ring for your soon-to-be fiancé. But buying the perfect ring isn’t as hard as you think! To help take the stress of off you when making this decision, here is a guide to finding and purchasing the right ring…

Shape Matters: Even before you begin to focus on the gem, you’ll want to find a cut that your partner likes the most. For instance, if your girlfriend tends to wear jewelry that is square, rectangular, or has a distinct shape to it, you’ll want to avoid buying something other than what she wears on a regular basis. More so often than not are men instructed to not buy their wives and girlfriends jewelry as gifts, but we believe otherwise! So if you don’t know where to start, take a really good look at what she wears most often, and the types of shapes she wears. It’s also a great idea to ask parents or close friends about what they think she will love; just to get a few extra opinions in!


Choose a Gemstone: While you might be thinking that diamonds are your only option for engagement rings, there are hundreds of other gems that you can choose from! In that sense, don’t limit yourself to what you see on other people’s fingers. Choose the kind of stone that you think your partner would want and love. Maybe they prefer sapphire over diamonds, or even rubies. Either way, selecting a gem should reflect thoughtfulness or absolute attention to your partners likes and dislikes. But if your heart is set on buying your partner a diamond, stick with what your heart and gut tell you.


To be continued…