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End of Year Jewelry FAQ!

December 22, 2019
Helix House

We’re going to wrap up 2019 and answer questions we come across in our business. From the relatively simple (what is rose gold?) to the specific (what is the name of the largest cut diamond in existence?) and more, we’re going to rapid fire through these common queries! So if you’ve ever wondered how gold is made, read on to find out!

What is Gold?

Gold is an element that shows up in its natural form as nuggets and grains in rocks, veins, and other deposits. It’s a relatively rare element and has been used as a precious metal in jewelry, coins, and art throughout history! As of today, about 50% of the world’s gold is used for jewelry, 40% in investments (gold has a long financial history, I’m sure you have heard, the gold standard?) and 10% in industry.

What is Rose Gold?

This isn’t a new fad by any means. It has a long history in jewelry. Rose gold is a gold-copper alloy (a metal made from combining other metal elements), usually a mix of about 75% gold, 22.5% copper, and 2.75% silver.

How is Gold Made?

Gold is a naturally occurring element. It is created deep inside stars through nuclear fusion and smashed into the Earth via meteorites 200 million years ago. Ok, let’s assume you don’t mean how gold is made but how the kind of gold we use is made.  First it is extracted from the rock and veins through mining. Then the raw material is refined, usually in a process like the Wohlwill process or cupellation, to the desired purity. Then it can be put into bars, wire, or whatever form it takes for the jeweler to work with!

Follow Up, Can You Make Gold?

Gold can be created from other elements, but it will also require nuclear reactions making it an incredibly expensive process.  This means that any gold made from this process wouldn’t be profitable to sell or use because of the work it took to craft it. But who knows what the future holds!

What is the Name of the largest Cut Diamond In Existence?

That would be the Star of Africa I. Mined in South Africa, the Star of Africa I, or Cullinan I, is one of the Crown Jewels of England. It is a massive 530.2 carats, with over 74 facets and is currently valued at over $51million. Here is a great wikipedia page on the Cullinan diamond.

Is it Safe to Go Swimming in the Ocean while Wearing Silver Jewelry?

While we wouldn’t be going into the ocean right now, brrrrrr, it’s a question that crops up a lot, so let’s take a look at it. There are a few answers here. If the piece is sterling silver (and you’re certain it is) wearing it is fine as water won’t damage sterling silver. However, depending on the silver and the water in question it can damage the jewelry. Salt water (like the ocean) can be corrosive so you’d want to be sure to give it a rinse with clean water afterwards.  National Geographic also recommends taking your silver off before swimming as it might look like tasty fish scales for sharks! Better safe than sorry though, isn’t it?

Where Can I Buy Gold and Jewelry?

If you are in the Tucson area the answer is easy! Schedule an appointment with Stewart Kuper Jewelers and find the best pieces of jewelry and gold for you, whether for an engagement, an anniversary gift, or creating something custom. Give us a call and schedule your appointment with Stewart today!

From all of us here at Stewart Kuper Jewelers, Happy Holidays!