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Engagement Rings: Choosing the Diamond Shape that Fits Your Style

May 1, 2022
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If you have a Pinterest board filled with an array of engagement rings styles, it may be overwhelming when the time comes to choose the exact diamond shape you’ll be wearing on your hand for the rest of your life. It’s also incredibly exciting! This is more than a band around your finger; your engagement ring is a direct symbol of the love you and your partner have for each other and of the promise you’re about to make. 

We at Stewart Kuper Jewelers are here to help! We love all things diamonds and have a deep appreciation for every diamond shape. If you’re unsure which diamond shape will suit your personal style and personality best, keep reading!

Glam Personal Style

Glam style is described as dramatic, luxe, and bold. Form-fitting clothing and dramatic silhouettes are worn in glittery, shiny, and expensive fabrics. Accessorizing is a key aspect of the glam style, including necklaces, large sunglasses, shiny belts, and logoed purses or bags.


The emerald shape is elongated in an elegant fashion, with steps going down the sides of the stone. This is a deep cut, giving the diamond multiple stunning reflecting points. 


If you ever come across a radiant diamond, you’ll be in awe of its intense sparkle. This shape combines the dramatic edges of the emerald cut with the stunning brilliance of the round cut. The corners are beveled, giving the diamond unparalleled shine in several facets. 

Why Emerald and Radiant Shaped Diamonds Pair Well With Glam Styles

The intense sparkle and dramatic shapes of the emerald and radiant diamonds pair well with the bold silhouettes and colors of the glam style. The striking elements of a glam style are complemented by the sharp edges and dynamic shine of these two diamond cuts. 

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Romantic and Casual Personal Styles

Those of you with a romantic style often choose fabrics in soft or neutral tones, such as light pink, cream, tan, black, and navy. Your clothes are not tight-fitting or oversized; they are somewhere in between, creating a soft and feminine silhouette. Romantic accessories are delicate and classic. 

Casual style is characterized by loose-fitting fabrics and simple, easy-going silhouettes. The colors are often light and neutral, with many grays, tans, pastels, and bright whites.

Because of the simple silhouettes and light colors, we recommend the following rings to suit romantic and casual personal styles.

round diamond shaped engagement ring


A round diamond is perfectly symmetrical and is revered by many for its unparalleled brilliance and light reflection. 


The princess cut is one of the most recognizable and popular diamond shapes when it comes to engagement rings. It is characterized by its rectangular outline and 90-degree corners, while still containing the dazzling brilliance of a round cut stone. 

Why Round and Princess Shaped Diamonds Pair Well With Romantic and Casual Styles

Round and princess diamonds complement the romantic and casual styles well since both are described as classic and simple. The soft color palette and time-honored clothing items of the romantic style, and the breezy easiness of the casual style, will allow these diamond shapes to beautifully sparkle without being overshadowed.

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Vintage Personal Style

If your daily style choices are inspired by the women of the hit show Mad Men, Zoey Deschanel’s street style, or old Hollywood glamour— you might have a preference towards vintage fashion. This doesn’t mean that your clothes were actually made in the 1940s or ’50s;  it just indicates that you don’t concern yourself with the latest trends and are drawn to vintage silhouettes, such as pencil skirts, buttoned cardigans, and clothing items that emphasize the waist. When it comes to this style, the cushion and oval diamond shapes often pair nicely. 


Cushion-cut diamonds get their name from their pillow-like edges and have been around for over 200 years. They are mostly square but sport rounded corners for a softer overall appearance. While the cushion shape is less brilliant than the traditional round cut diamond, they carry a beautiful color, especially when viewed under bright light. 


Oval-cut diamonds are classic with a nostalgic twist. Their elongated shape has been popular in rings for centuries, dating back to the 1700s, where oval rings were adorned with family crests, to the 1950s, where it overtook the emerald cut in popularity. 

Why Cushion and Oval Shaped Diamonds Pair Well With Vintage Styles

Along with having an overall vintage aesthetic, both the cushion and oval-shaped diamond cuts date back centuries and have storied histories. It only makes sense that these diamond shapes would complement vintage styles, as they were common in these eras. 

Thanks for reading! We at Stewart Kuper Jewelers are here to answer any of your diamond and fine jewelry questions. We hope this guide helps you narrow down your perfect diamond shape for this ever-important ring. Contact us here to schedule a one-on-one consultation!