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Essential Engagement Ring Guide

March 26, 2016
Helix House

So, it is time buy an engagement ring. This is likely one of the most exciting and stressful purchases you are going to make in your life. Your spouse is going to be so delighted when you finally pop the question. You want that moment to go perfectly, and for that, you need the perfect engagement ring. But how do you find that perfect ring? Where do you start? Stewart Kuper Jewelers offers the essential engagement ring guide.

  1. Establish a Budget

The first step in shopping for an engagement ring is establishing a budget. There are many unwritten cultural rules about how much you should spend on an engagement ring, such as the “two month salary” rule. Toss these out. Your budget should be unique to your life, and to your relationship. There are no rules for the right budget.

  1. Talk With Your Betrothed

We always speak with excited shoppers and tell them how important it is to talk with their future spouse about the engagement ring or to observe what they wear. It helps to know her taste in jewelry; for example, whether she likes white or yellow gold metals & classic or modern styles.  Once you have some information, you can start working with us closely to pick out the perfect ring.

  1. Choose a Gemstone

The gemstone is the centerpiece of an engagement ring. Traditionally, engagement rings feature a center cut diamond. This is the most important decision you will make as you design the perfect engagement ring. When you come in to Stewart Kuper Jewelers, our expert staff will carefully go over each of the four Cs of diamonds. Picking out the perfect diamond is about balancing each of these complex and complimentary characteristics to fit your individual needs.

  1. Choose a Setting

The setting is what the gemstone will be set in.  Choosing a ring setting includes picking out a precious metal, choosing a style, and having it fit perfectly to her desires.

We can’t wait to help you pick out an engagement ring for your special someone. You can browse some of our engagement rings online by clicking here, but we encourage you to visit us in the store, so we can work with you personally at finding the perfect ring.