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Eternity Rings – Meaning, History, and More

August 23, 2018
Helix House

Eternity Rings, Eternity Ring Meaning

The Eternity Ring

An eternity ring, or infinity ring, is a style of ring for women, consisting of a band made of precious metal that is set with a continuous line of gemstones, usually diamonds, that are all identically cut. The eternity ring meaning? Why would a ring feature a continuous band of diamonds?  It is to represent the never-ending love between the spouses of course!

When to Give Eternity Rings

While the ring is meant to symbolize that undying, eternal love, an eternity ring is rarely used as a wedding ring! More often than not, the ring is a later gift, after the couple has been married, usually as an anniversary gift for one of the milestones. In that way, the ring honors that eternal love by marking the years of love that have come before, and the years ahead.

New Meanings

More recently, the meaning of the eternity ring has shifted slightly. Now, they are sometimes given as a piece to commemorate the birth of the first child!

This gives the eternity ring all new meaning, representing the eternal nature of family, wherever it starts, marriage, anniversary, or when the first little one gets added and the family grows! No matter the occasion, the symbol for eternal, ever-lasting love is the same.

How to Wear an Eternity Ring

Curious how to wear your new eternity ring? Like other treasured rings you can wear them on the ring finger of your left or right hand. If you already have an engagement ring and wedding band on your left hand, go ahead and use your right. There is no ‘true’ way you have to wear a ring. It’s yours, your symbol of love and family, you can wear it however it pleases you!

As eternity rings have been around longer, the purposes for them have evolved, and so too have the styles. Now it is not uncommon to find them with stones other than identical diamonds, or with a band half lined with stones (sometimes called half eternities).

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