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Gifts for That Special Someone: Jewelry for Mom

September 15, 2017
Helix House

She’s your first best friend. She works tirelessly, always with your needs taking precedence. She is your Mom. Whether it’s for your own mother’s birthday, a ‘Just Because’ gift, or a special someone in your life who just had a child, buying a gift for mom can be tough! If you are looking to give that special mom in your life something they will always treasure, here are some possibilities to wow!

Incorporate a Birthstone

A sure hit is to incorporate that which makes her a mother in the first place, her child. To do that find out the birthstone of the child (or children) and the item of jewelry you think would fit best. Perhaps a bracelet or a ring would be nice to set the stones into. Have a jeweler set the birthstones and voila. A custom, beautiful piece that symbolizes the whole family and dazzles the eye.

Child’s Name

Like incorporating a birthstone, the idea behind this is simple. You want to create a gift that symbolizes their motherhood, and turn it into a tangible treasure.  A necklace or bracelet that has their child’s name inscribed upon it, or perhaps in the shape of their initial, is a subdued but tasteful way to celebrate both mother and child.

Custom Jewelry

We have talked about it elsewhere on the site but it bears repeating because it can slip peoples’ minds. At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we specialize in creating custom works of art. This means that if a bracelet or necklace feels too simple, or does not quite fit what you are looking for, our goldsmiths can work with you to create the perfect, unique piece for mom. With a custom project, you can incorporate birthstones just as well. Looking at the Gold Butterfly Pendant, for instance, on our Custom page, you can see how it would fit to set birthstones in the wings of the butterfly.

Diamond Studs

They are a classic. Simple, elegant, and able to go with anything. Diamond studs are a staple piece of jewelry any woman should have. For many mothers, this gift will win their hearts over, making them feel classy and beautiful.  Diamond studs can be worn every day with any outfit.  Diamond studs will be worn often and not just reserved for specific occasions.

Hopefully this blog has given you some inspiration for your gift giving. If you happen to have any questions on the process of custom jewelry or want to take a look at what is available in our store, contact us and together we will wow that wonderful woman, mom.