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Helpful Tips For Storing And Protecting Jewelry

March 12, 2015
Helix House

Few other joys in life compare to beautiful and attractive fine jewelry that can be worn for virtually any type of event or function. However, maintaining jewelry in a beautiful and attractive way requires a little bit of simple understanding. For example, when storing any type of genuine pearls it is important to remember that these pieces are fragile and soft. It is easy to scratch and nick Pearls if they are not stored properly.

Tarnish Resistant Type Products

When storing pearls always remember to provide an extremely soft storage environment. This can ensure that pearls do not become accidentally damaged. As with pearls it is important to provide specific care for silver jewelry. This type of jewelry will tarnish easily resulting in a reduced effectiveness in terms of a stunning appearance. In fact, most experts would agree that silver type jewelry is best cared for by being cleaned frequently. There are many tarnish resistant type products on the market that serve to help protect silver jewelry.

Less Of A Chance Of A Chain Becoming Kinked

Equally important is to always remember to store jewelry in a dry and secure location. It is no surprise that humidity can substantially damage fine pieces of jewelry. Always store these items in a safe, secure and dry place where damage or theft is less likely. Another consideration when it comes to storing a wide variety of pieces includes the storage of necklaces. One of the easiest ways to maintain necklaces in their original condition is to hang them up. By hanging up necklaces there will be less of a chance of a chain becoming kinked.

Some Gemstones Can Even Experience An Alteration In Color

Jewelry owner should avoid placing necklaces in a jewelry box where they can become tangled or may lose their overall luster. Finally, another important consideration when it comes to taking care of jewelry is to always avoid excessive heat. Make all attempts to store pieces at room temperature as a way to avoid temperature related damage. Even direct sunlight can cause damage to a wide variety of jewelry pieces. Some gemstones can even experience an alteration in color because of direct exposure to the sun for an extended period of time. Contact Stewart Kuper Jewelers today for fine jewelry in Tucson that is attractive, affordable and designed to impress.