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Jewelry Near Me Has a Whole New Meaning and More Questions to Ask

July 27, 2018
Helix House

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Stewart Kuper Jewelers has moved to 5215 N Sabino Canyon Road. We have changed our business structure to appointment only at our new office. This allows Stewart to be available for one-on-one personal appointments.

That means, a jeweler has never been closer to you!

But a jeweler who doesn’t have a storefront might be a bit of a strange change for some. That’s not what we think of when we think of diamond buying. At least, not what we are familiar with. To ease any questions, we thought to write this blog.

With this change in mind, we wanted to go back to an older topic we’ve discussed, questions to ask yourself before buying jewelry. The older blog has a bit of a bend towards in person stores, but most of the questions still apply. Here are some more questions to ask of yourself or your jeweler when you’re shopping.

‘Do they listen to me?’

This is a question you’d like to think about when it comes to shopping around for your jeweler, before you even select a piece. A respectable jeweler will be focused on your wants and needs, not on forcing a sale. A great jeweler will show you an array of pieces that are within your specifications and through expertise guide you in narrowing your choices. You shouldn’t feel in over your head.

When it comes to an appointment-based jeweler, like Stewart Kuper, you can be sure that the focus is entirely on you, there are no other customers vying for attention and answers, just you, the jeweler, and the pieces.

‘Is the jeweler well established?’

Answering this question can go a long way to offering peace of mind. If a jeweler has been in business for twenty years then there is a fair chance that they know what they are doing. If they have credentials to back it up then you have further vouching for their expertise. Look to reviews online if you need opinions from fellow shoppers.

Stewart Kuper Jewelers have been around for decades serving the Tucson community, our establishment in the community hasn’t changed just because the location has.

We hope these questions and their considerations help you hone in on the jeweler that’s right for you. In our business, having knowledgeable, or at the very least eager to learn clients, make for not only a happy experience but a fulfilling one. We want every one of our customers to want to buy from us, to listen to our expertise on the matters of metals, gems, styling, and then to make their own choice about what the perfect ring is.

If you’re looking to find your perfect ring or other piece of jewelry, and the perfect jeweler to work with, book an appointment and work directly with Stewart. Together we’ll make sure you get exactly what you’re after!