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Jewelry Tips And Tricks For Women

August 9, 2015
Stewart Kuper

Getting it right when it comes to jewelry can make all the difference in terms of fashion sense and overall appeal. That said there are different situations and different settings where various types of jewelry will work better than others. For example, those working in an office will find that wearing a watch is an excellent jewelry option. The right type of watch can be both glamorous and professional at the same time. In terms of other types of jewelry worn in the office it is best to take a minimalist approach.

A Simple Bracelet Or Bangle

Smaller and subtle jewelry is the preferred option in the office environment. In short, those working in an office can be expressive in the most dramatic way possible through a unique and impressive watch. Conversely, daytime jewelry worn in a casual setting should generally not be too overbearing. In the simplest of terms, it is best to keep jewelry toned down in a daytime environment or during a daytime function. A bracelet or bangle will typically do in this regard. A beaded necklace is also a great option.

Formal Social Gathering

In contrast, dressing up at night for special events or an elegant wedding requires a little more detail when it comes to jewelry. From going on a date at a fancy restaurant to attending a formal social gathering, it is best to choose something beautiful and refined such as sparkling earrings. A choker or collar necklace that complements one’s face is also a great choice for those who put their hair up in the evening. Wearing quality jewelry at night in a formal setting can display impressive fashion sense.

Accessorizing With One Bold And Impressive Piece Of Jewelry

Finally, many people choose to wear a diamond solitaire engagement ring or tennis bracelet when they are trying to achieve a more classic jewelry look. Black-tie events and other formal gatherings are the ideal place to where classic jewelry. As an added note, generally speaking most experts would agree that accessorizing with one bold and impressive piece of jewelry is usually the best option. Making this central piece of jewelry a focal point can enhance the overall fashionable look of almost anyone. Contact Stewart Kuper Jewelers today to learn more about beautifully attractive jewelry in Tucson Arizona.