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Learning about Resizing Rings

October 5, 2015
Helix House

It would be nice if every ring fit every finger the first time it was put on. Unfortunately, that often isn’t the case. It isn’t uncommon for a ring to be too small or too large. If this turns out to be true, hope isn’t lost, experienced jewelers, like those at Stewart Kuper, can expertly and beautifully resize rings so that they fit perfectly.

Going Smaller

It is more common, and easier to resize rings by making them smaller. When picking out a ring for another individual, cautious shoppers naturally seem to buy rings that are too large. If this does happen, it is better to have the ring resized, rather than wearing it as is. We decrease the size of the ring using complex but elegant techniques, and the end result is a perfectly fitting ring that you would never have known had been resized. It is important to note, not all rings can be resized. You should learn about the metal your ring is made from, and educate yourself before committing to a purchase.

Going bigger

If you need to increase the size of our ring, this could be a more difficult job. If the size only needs to be slightly increased, we may use the stretching technique. Usually we can only increase the ring by a half size using stretching. The alternative is to cut and solder and additional piece of metal into the ring. This might sound like a frightening prospect, but don’t worry, the jewelers at Stewart Kuper are experts, and you ring will come out looking flawless. 

The cost of ring resizing varies from ring to ring. Factors include they type of metal the ring is made from, and the degree of resizing required. One thing is for sure, no one offers a better combination of expert skill, quality craftsmanship, and affordable pricing, than Stewart Kuper.