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New Year Resolutions from Stewart Kuper Jewelers

January 12, 2019
Helix House

Welcome to 2019! It’s wonderful, isn’t it? A new year, another new start to be the best you can be. At least, that seems to be the idea with all the New Year Resolutions flying around! Here at Stewart Kuper Jewelers, it’s no different. In the spirit of things we decided this blog would be all about resolutions: ours, yours, work, or love; we cover the ones that we are resolving ourselves for!

Our Resolutions

Be the Best

In 2019, Stewart Kuper Jewelers is going to be the best at our craft. Last year we transitioned into an appointment-based business model and we have found it to be great! We’re excited to kick 2019 off in the same way, providing our clients with individualized attention, pieces, and time to find them exactly what they are looking for in the schedule that works for them. We have the best rates, the best selection, and the best service. 2019 will be a fantastic year!

Create Moments

Our passion for creativity and custom pieces is long documented. In 2019, we are going to keep that alive by helping our clients find the perfect ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet to tell that special someone just how they feel. Whether it’s through a tried and true classic or a one of kind, custom piece.

We are here to help you make those moments. So what kind of resolutions could you have to help out?

Your Resolutions – For Love

Plan Trips

Whether they’re for a single night in a hotel staycation or a weeks-long getaway in the tropics, planning trips are a wonderful way to share your life with the one you love! Not only is it experiencing new things, but it is also in planning together that you really get to share yourself. And when you’re on the trip to wherever, maybe that’s a perfect time to surprise with a gift!

Do Good, Together!

Volunteering is a great way to not only give to each other, but to the world too! Try to take time each month helping out at a shelter, or drumming up goods for various drives.  You will be enriching your lives with purpose. Spending quality time together, and doing something good, is sure to build a stronger bond between you and your loved one. You just might realize they’re the one.

Promise to Be Real, But Also Kind

Emotional honesty is huge in finding your right match, and understanding each other better when you do. Being able to openly and clearly express your feelings, wants, desires, and hurts means you will have a partner who knows exactly what you need and where you may stumble. All this will reinforce your relationship into a stronger unit. Resolve with your partner to practice this as best you can. It can be scary, and you might feel vulnerable, but in the end, you’ll love, and feel so much more loved, than ever before.

Listen, Stewart Kuper Jewelers might not be the one stop shop for dating advice, but we are happy to help couples find ways into each other’s hearts where we can. When you get there and find yourself that special someone, what then? Well, make an appointment with Stewart and find just the treasure to give your loved one. After all, I think we can all resolve ourselves to love more. We hope your holidays have been truly wonderful, however you chose to celebrate. We’ll see you back here, next time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog!