Purchasing Pearls, Share a Rich Legacy and History with that Special Someone

April 29, 2015
Stewart Kuper

Stewart Kuper Jewelers serves the Jewelry needs of Tucson, Arizona with pride and integrity. Stewart Kuper Jewelers sells gems, diamonds, gold, pearls, offers repairs, custom requests, and basically services any Jewelry needs of customers. Historically, Jewelry has served many functions: symbolizing a union, denoting status, and protecting wearers from evil spirits. Surprisingly things have not changed much.
Pearls are a whitish, perfectly round rarity found in a living shelled mollusk. The word comes from the Latin perna, which means leg, named after the mutton leg-shaped bivalve in which pearls are found. Like all beautiful things, Pearls are uncommon, remarkable, and impractical. They are a synergy of sand, the pressure of the sea, incubation. Indeed, the formation of the pearl itself is a reflection of its beauty.
The Pearl
The term “pearly gates” is used to describe the kingdom of heaven, and is a testament to the beauty and power of the pearl. The idea being that heaven is as beautiful as the most perfect pearl.
The Pearl Today
Today, a string of pearls is typically reserved for the necks of beautiful women. At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we enjoy the beauty pearls can behold.