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Sell Gold and Diamond Jewelry During the Holidays with Stewart Kuper Jewelers

October 16, 2021
Helix House

We’re heading into the holidays once again, in no time it’ll be Thanksgiving, then Hanukkah and Christmas, New Years, and then Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s a wonderful time full of family and friends – but it’s also pretty heavy on gift giving and exchanging compared to the rest of the year. And what about travel? There’s plane tickets to buy and tanks to fill. All of that can make it a stressful time, especially if money is a little tighter than you’d like (and after the last two years, that’s affecting plenty of us!).

So what can you do to make some room in the budgets and take that stress off? Look to your jewelry box and sell old, unwanted pieces for cash!

Sell Gold & Diamond Jewelry During the Holidays with Stewart Kuper

If you’re in the Tucson area then you’re in luck! Stewart Kuper Jewelers is here, and has been for over 40 years, serving our community in buying and selling gold, diamonds, and other fine jewelry.

Here’s the other reason to consider it this holiday – the demand is increasing! Think about it, what’s a tried and true gift to give a significant other? Jewelry! And as the demand goes up, jewelers sell more of their stock, and they need to get more stock in their business to replace it, or more precious metals for other pieces. That’s where buying your unwanted jewelry comes in! That demand is why the price for gold and diamonds are reaching new highs!

But Be Careful!

Because gold and diamonds are in such demand, there are bound to be less than honest dealers and traders entering the marketplace to try and part sellers from their jewelry at lowball rates and unfair prices. Keep these things in mind!

Check the Current Prices, But Be Reasonable

We’ve talked plenty before about the current price of gold and how it can fluctuate. Here at Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we are all about having informed, educated customers who understand the process as much as they’d like. It’s easy to check the current price of precious metals online, but it is worth mentioning that gold buyers aren’t going to be offering you 100% of that date’s gold price. They’re operating a business and they need to make a profit, but also the price of gold and the true quality of the metal being sold can fluctuate making the exact offer vary. Because that can vary you can always shop around and get a few offers from several different gold buyers to make sure you’re getting a fair price.

Ask to See the Shop’s License and Be Ready to Show Yours

Most states require any business that buys gold to have a license. It should be clearly displayed  – if not just ask to see it. If they don’t have one? That’s a huge red flag that this isn’t a place you want to do business with!  Some states have further regulations including approved scales from the state’s weights and measures department.

To decrease the sales of stolen jewelry and property, stores are legally required to ask for government-issued ID. The business will make a photocopy or take down specific info to ensure that if a piece was to be stolen, there’s a paper trail that authorities could follow to get the stolen property back to its rightful owner and to track down the criminal.  If a business doesn’t ask to see your ID during this process something might be up. And if they’re being shady about that what else are they being shady about – are you sure you’re going to get a fair price?

The point is, buying gold and jewelry is a standardized, regulated industry to make sure everyone, everywhere is on the up and up. If you feel otherwise about the business you’re potentially doing business with, go somewhere else!

So long as you do business with a reputable gold buyer you’re bound to walk away happy with the deal and with cash in your pocket to take off the load of stress and uncertainty and make the holidays that much better for everyone!

Any Questions? We’re Here to Help!

Find out more about how much your jewelry is worth and schedule an appointment with Stewart Kuper today! We’re proud to offer fair and honest prices to all of our customers, whether they’re returning guests or first timers.

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