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Summer Care For Your Jewelry

June 5, 2022
Helix House

Summer 2022 is on the horizon and it certainly feels like pool parties, lake trips, and general fun in the sun is on the menu. But wait! Before you slather yourself in SPF 100, read these tips to make sure you’re taking care of your jewelry properly so that they’ll be sparkling when fall comes.

6 Tips to Take Care of Your Jewelry This Summer

Know What Stones You Wear

This might be an obvious one but hey it’s worth mentioning. Know what kind of stones you’re wearing, because each one has different types of sensitivities, whether to warmth, sunshine, abrasive sand, etc. Here are just a few examples.


Emeralds are often treated with a cedar oil. Chemicals, such as chlorine in the pool, can remove that oil from the stone.


Pearls are porous, and excessive heat or exposure to chemicals can cause further damage.


Amethysts are sensitive to light! Prolonged exposure can fade the color of these stones.

These are just a few, but know that most gems have some special requirements. Which leads us too…

Keep Your Jewelry Away from the Summer Activities

Summer means all sorts of activities and fun. Swimming, playing sports, building sandcastles, hitting the beach. All of these are great, but you know what else? They all pose a danger to fine jewelry! Keep your jewelry safe while you hit the volleyball sands and save them for the parties. And make sure you’re not wearing the jewelry when applying sunscreen or lotions.

Seriously, Avoid the Pool

Remove any and all jewelry before jumping into the pool or hitting the hot tub, or taking a dip in the ocean. Chlorine and salt water can do a number on metals like gold and platinum, damaging and discoloring the metal.

Keep Your Sweat to a Minimum

This is a hard one, especially here in Arizona! But for the sake of your jewelry you should do your best to avoid sweating on them. Sweat (and the oils or fragrances you may wear on your skin) can tarnish your jewelry.

Store Your Out Of Season Jewelry, Safely

Some folks like to cycle their jewelry with the seasons. Maybe a certain set of earrings work best with a chunky knit sweater instead of a bikini. Whatever your reasons or preference, just make sure that you are storing your out of season options correctly so that you don’t have to do any cleaning or, heaven forbid, repair work when the seasons change again. Store each item individually, use soft cloth bags to protect them and allow them to breathe. Keep everything in a jewelry box that keeps the pieces separate, organized, and protected.

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