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Symbolism of Wedding Rings

June 3, 2015
Stewart Kuper

In life, there is a beautiful instance when one falls in love with another, and decides to give them their heart through sickness and in health. When that wonderful moment occurs, it comes time to buy their beloved a ring. Indeed, the ring is more than just a band of gold adorned with a fine cut diamond. It is a symbol for something more important. It is a symbol for something a thousand shades deeper.
The Egyptians
The genesis of wedding rings can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. Instead of beaming bright bands of gold, they offered their betrothed a reef made of papyrus. Although the composition of the ring was different, its symbolism was similar. The circular composition of the ring was meant to symbolize a life of eternity with another, a union that had no beginning or end.
Modern Symbolism
The symbolism of the wedding band today in its simplest form means “Forever”, “I Love Only You and want to be with you throughout time.”