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The 5th C – Cleanliness

June 22, 2016
Helix House

Diamond shoppers always come into Stewart Kuper Jewelers hungry for advice. Purchasing a diamond is a significant investment, not just financially, but emotionally. It is not a purchase that is done quickly or casually. It is something people invest time, effort, and a lot of thought into.

One of the most common questions we hear is, “What is the most important of the 4Cs?” Answering that is difficult because the truth is, all the 4Cs are important. Each of the 4Cs interact with each other in subtle yet complicated ways impacting the overall appearance of the diamond. There is one C, independent from the traditional 4Cs which can have a dramatic influence on the appearance of a diamond – cleanliness. To keep your diamonds looking radiant, keep them clean. Today, Stewart Kuper Jewelers offers some advice.

A Basic Routine

Although diamonds are one of the hardest most durable materials on the planet, they do require regular care and maintenance. A basic cleaning routine can keep your diamond looking bright and radiant.

Once a week, soak your diamond overnight in our jewelry cleaning solution. When you remove the diamond from the cleaning solution in the morning, scrub it with a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure to focus on the back of the diamond. This is the area that typically accumulates the most oil and dirt.

Clean the diamond in a safe, open location, preferably away from the sink or any other open drain. Never use any harmful chemicals or abrasive materials when cleaning a diamond as they could damage the setting of the jewelry. Not every material is as strong and durable as a diamond.

Professional Cleaning

Once every 6 months, it is recommended that you take your diamond in for a professional cleaning. Professional cleaners will use an ultrasonic cleaner, and/or a steam cleaner to make you diamond look good-as-new.