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The Creation of Custom Jewelry

October 23, 2018
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Curious how a jeweler like Stewart Kuper creates custom jewelry? Read on, this blog is for you! We are continuing our ongoing discussion on the ‘start’ of things with this look at creating custom jewelry. Last time on the blog we talked about GIA diamond certification and how it helps standardize the industry and support jewelers and customers. This time we are going one step further in the timeline, taking those diamonds and incorporating them into pieces of custom jewelry!

Creating Custom Jewelry

First, An Idea

Before anything is even put to paper, it has to begin with an idea. What are you looking to create? Maybe create an engagement ring? Look at the styles out there and see what it is you want to recreate or build upon. Talk with your significant other about what they want in a ring or piece of custom jewelry.

Then a Sketch

Before any gems are set or gold is cast, every piece of custom jewelry must start life as a sketch. If you have an idea in mind but can’t get your fingers to translate it, try working with a jeweler, goldsmith, or designer.

Wax Model

Once the preliminary sketch is finalized, it’s time to get our hands dirty. Using wax to build out a model, this will be a precise precursor of the final product.

Want to do this by hand? Get some wax together, cut it in half and get ready for precise carving. Using a razor blade, utility knife or another tool, carve out the shape of the piece of jewelry you wish to create. If you have a mold or another piece of jewelry you are copying from (say you are updating an older piece) you can press it into your wax to create the impression.

Casting Quality and Finishing Perfection

After the wax model or mold is created, the gold is heated to a molten state. It is then poured into the mold and allowed to harden to take the shape of the wax design. After it has set and hardened, goldsmiths will set to work to bring out the details, textures, and beauty of the piece. Setting the gems and stones into place.

Now the piece has been brought into the world, from graphite and paper, into a wax cocoon, and finally now, its beautiful gold form.

Creating a custom piece of jewelry has so many benefits. You are getting the exact piece you and your loved one dreamed of. It is a unique piece that only you have, and in doing so you create something that can be handed down from generation to generation, a family heirloom and treasure.

Looking to find the perfect ring or piece for that special someone. Contact us, schedule an appointment with Stewart, and together we can help you get exactly what you want, GIA diamond certified and all. We are Tucson’s premier jewelers, not just because we source the finest diamonds, but also because our goldsmiths are known for their craftsmanship, their creativity, and their prized skills.