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The World’s Most Famous Diamonds

December 10, 2015
Helix House

Diamonds are cherished and valued across the entire world. They are universally considered to be one of the most valuable objects on the planet. Of these amazingly beautiful and valuable stones, there are a few that are more famous and valuable than any other. They are spoken of in hushed tones across the globe. They have taken on nearly legendary status. To see one of these famous diamonds is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The Great Star of Africa
The Great Star of Africa is the largest cut and polished white diamond in the world. The gem, also known as the Cullinan I weighs in at an astounding 530.04 carats, or 106.08 grams. It was originally cut from an even more massive diamond known simply as the “Cullinan Diamond.” This progenitor stone, before it was initially cut, weighed 3106.75 carats, or 1.37 Lbs. It was discovered in 1905 in a diamond mine near Pretoria, South Africa.

The Orloff
Although not as large in stature as The Great Star of Africa, the Orloff diamond is arguably even more famous. It has played a role in a number of historically famous events, starting with the first time it was stolen in the early 1700s by a deserter from the French army. The Orloff diamond is 300 carats and has a slightly blueish green hue. It has been described as one of the most breathtaking sights in the entire world.

The Regent
With a name like the Regent, you are probably prepared to be impressed. You should be. The regent, though not as large as some of the other famous diamonds in the world, is arguably the most beautiful. It weighs in at 140.50 carats, but its perfect cut has given it an unparalleled reputation. The Regent was discovered in a diamond mine in India in the year 1698.