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The World’s Most Famous Pieces of Jewelry

December 16, 2015
Helix House

Just recently we talked about some of the most famous diamonds in the entire world. These are incredible pieces which possess nearly incomprehensible value. When it comes time to look at the most famous pieces of jewelry in the world, it turns out that value isn’t the only thing that matters. Elegance, simplicity, historical significance, and cultural relevance all play in roll in some of the most famous pieces of jewelry in the world.
The Sapphire Ring
This isn’t just any sapphire ring. This sapphire ring is one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry on the entire planet. Unfortunately, the sapphire ring of Princess Diana has a sad story attached to it. Princess Diana was one of the most beloved public figures in the western hemisphere before her tragic and untimely death. The sapphire ring, which had originally been given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles, is now worn on the hand of Kate Middleton. The ring is valued somewhere around $400,000 and while that is quite high, it is the historical significance of the sapphire ring which sets it apart.
The Graff Pink
Now we are going to move in the opposite direction in terms of value. The Graff Pink has gained fame almost strictly because of its incredible value. In 2010 it sold for the nearly unimaginable price of $46 million. It has been classified as a type II colored diamond, and possess a soft pink hue. It has a value of $1.85 million per carat.
The Emerald and Diamond Tiara
The first, and only, piece of headgear to make the list. The Emerald and Diamond Tiara was commissioned by Prince Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck of Germany. Ownership of the beautiful crown has changed constantly in the hundreds of years since its creation. It was most recently purchased by an anonymous bidder for $12.76 million.