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Useful Ideas For Protecting Valuable Jewelry

March 30, 2015
Helix House

Those who truly love fine jewelry pieces know the importance of protecting treasured pieces from damage, tarnishing and even loss and theft. This is particularly true when traveling with jewelry. When on the road it is best to store pieces in a safe and secure place and not in luggage that will be checked. Especially important is to avoid leaving jewelry in a hotel or a car while on vacation or while traveling. This is a sure way to lose precious pieces of jewelry.

Avoid Storing Different Types Of Jewelry In The Same Compartment

Unless jewelry is actually being worn while on vacation or while traveling it is best to keep it locked up in a hotel room safe.  Never take chances when traveling with jewelry because these pieces can easily be stolen in a moments notice. When it comes to storing pieces at home it is best to avoid storing different types of jewelry in the same compartment within a jewelry box. Pearls, gold, silver and diamonds should all have their own dedicated compartment.

Store Individual Pieces In Ziploc Bags

This helps to ensure that damage does not occur. Equally important is to avoid storing silver with other types of jewelry. Silver is known to tarnish other types of pieces and should be stored alone in most circumstances. As a last resort, jewelry owners can store individual pieces in Ziploc bags and then store them in some type of box or storage system. Preventing necklaces from becoming tangled can be as easy as hanging these pieces up in an organized and detailed way.

Protecting Even The Most Prized Pieces

These useful ideas for protecting valuable jewelry along with a little bit of common sense and a little bit of patience can be useful in protecting even the most valuable jewelry pieces. Contact Stewart Kuper Jewelers today to learn more about on-site jewelry repair in Tucson as well as the sale of a wide variety of beautiful jewelry.