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Why Sell to Stewart Kuper Jewelers Versus Others?

Do you have unloved gold, diamonds, and estate jewelry collecting dust in your home? Shake off the dust and come see us, because those forgotten treasures could earn you some extra cash.

Finding the right business to sell your gold and diamonds to can feel overwhelming.
We do what others can’t — pay more.

Stewart Kuper will pay up to 80% of today’s spot market value for your gold. This means that you will get the very best payment for your gold based on today’s market value. We use real data and market values to estimate the worth of your gold, and will weigh your jewelry directly in front of you.

Same Day Payment

Getting more for your gold and diamonds is easy when you sell to Stewart Kuper Jewelers!

We will evaluate your gold and jewelry for free, with no obligation. Understanding the value of your jewelry is important, and working with the right Tucson gold and diamond buyer is key.

You will be happily surprised by how much your gold jewelry is worth. Plus, when you sell your gold and diamonds to us, you will receive payment the very same day.

Selling Your Gold and Diamonds is Easy and Stress Free

  1. Make an appointment for a free gold & diamond evaluation.
  2. Watch while we inspect your jewelry and diamonds and weigh your gold right in front of you.
  3. Receive payment of up to 80% of the spot gold market value.
  4. We pay extra for diamonds ½ carat and larger.

You will be happily surprised by how much your jewelry is worth!

Take your unloved gold & diamonds to the best place in Tuscon to get more.

We Pay Extra for Diamonds

Do you have diamonds that are ½ carat or larger? If so, we’d love to see them. Call Stewart to get a free estimate of your unloved gold and diamond jewelry. He will evaluate your jewelry, determine the value, and make you an offer the same day!

We Pay More for Gold in Tucson

At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we pride ourselves on being fair and honest with clients and potential customers. We believe that selling your gold and diamonds should be easy, transparent, and forthright. Understanding the value of your jewelry is important, and working with the right Tucson gold and diamond buyer is key.
Whether you sell to us directly or simply have questions about the value of your jewelry, call us today to set up a free evaluation.


With several pieces of gold and diamond jewelry, we are no longer wearing, I started at another shop that claims to pay top rates for such pieces. Stewart offered me 58% more than the other store. He is friendly, honest, and efficient. If you are liquidating jewelry in Tucson, take it to Stewart.
John Wolfe
I was in search of a place to sell some gold jewelry and came upon Stewart Kuper Jewelers. If anyone is in the same position and wants a reputable place with kind owners that make you feel totally comfortable and give you a good deal, then this is the place for you! They were friendly and efficient, examining the jewelry on the spot, giving me a figure, then easily allowing me to check other places and return to them with my decision of selling to them or not.
Please check them out!
Diane Nellans
My husband and I were extremely pleased with Stewart’s knowledge, honesty, and fairness with the jewelry we brought to him. We highly recommend him if you are selling estate diamonds or gold jewelry. Thank you Stewart will continue doing business with him.
Andrea Struble

What Is the ‘Spot Gold Price’?

The spot price is what you can sell your gold for right now, or “on the spot.” Since the rate for gold can rise and fall each day, the spot market method is the best way to sell your gold and diamonds. This ensures that you receive fair payment.

Our honesty and fairness is what makes us Tucson’s #1 gold and diamond buyer and the best place to sell your jewelry.. We are straightforward, to the point, and avoid the back-and-forth you’ll experience with others. At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, our quality service is unmatched.

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We are Tuscon’s favorite gold and diamond buyer for a reason. Want to see for yourself? Just bring in your gold, diamonds and estate jewelry for a free estimate and leave with same day payment!