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Weddings in the New Normal?

November 6, 2020
Helix House

The world is different now, 2020 has brought about a lot of changes in every aspect of our lives. As we approach the end of peak wedding season we no doubt have all noticed a big one: “Where are all the weddings?” Ok, that’s obvious. Big parties and gatherings are on hiatus for the time being but that doesn’t mean weddings have to stop entirely. This time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog, we want to talk about what weddings can still be!

Wedding or Not?

If you were in the midst of planning your special day when the global pandemic hit you likely have already made your decisions, but for those of you just now getting engaged, or who are having to face the unfortunate truth that it isn’t going anywhere soon, here are some options: Postpone until things return to some semblance of normal, where you can rent out a big venue, invite all of your friends and family across the country to celebrate the big day, or, with some judicious moves and choices press onward and celebrate your day while taking the state of the world in stride.

Here’s what weddings might look like for the time to be, while the world recovers.

Expect New Health & Safety Measures

With businesses reopening under a gamut of different safety measures and precautions, expect them to have some impact on your big day. Even after COVID has passed, people will be much more aware of cleanliness and standards. Venues and caterers will have new policies in place to make sure everyone is staying safe and comfortable.

Weddings are known for people coming together, handshakes, hugs, all sorts of contact. Having gloves and masks accessible to guests as well as ample hand sanitizers may be the new normal for gatherings of all sizes to come, not just weddings.

Catering Conundrums

In keeping with health and safety measures, one of the most heavily impacted areas of a wedding is sure to be the catering. Catering may need to move towards coursed and served meals, or plated dinners. Whereas buffet style catering has been popular in the past, it’s not the safest option moving forward. Being more conscientious of health and safety will impact everything when it comes to the meal, right down to the dinnerware, and that’s ok!

Look Out for Layouts

Layout changes are going to be a must for the post-pandemic world. While the spaces weddings traditionally occupy are defined by their religious, cultural, or other traditions, the reality of things will require a bit more wiggling than normal. Right now, that means six feet of social distancing between guests. This means seating is going to get a lot more creative and dinner layouts will be planned even more precisely to ensure the safest environment possible.

While seating arrangements have always been tricky, now they’re needed to serve another purpose than just how to get everyone at a table. We expect traditional seating to be something of the past for the time to come. In order to accommodate all of the seats needed and the minimum safe distance, ceremonies could create semi-circular layouts or even create a 360-degree view of the ceremony. 

The Clearest Change is this: Weddings Will Be Smaller

Regardless of whether they are hosted indoors in a house of worship, with a new social distancing layout or outside with plenty of space – weddings are going to be smaller, more intimate affairs. In many instances, this will allow safer usage of a venue the couple has already booked. In others, it will be the practical truth: not everyone will be up for traveling long distances, and not everyone will want to attend large gatherings.

Knowing this and accounting for it will allow you to do more with what you have available. If you already have a guest list drawn up, take a look at it again with fresh eyes. Are there extraneous guests? Have RSVPs already gone out? Most people are incredibly understanding of the current predicament the world is in and will understand any decisions to downsize needed.

Being smaller doesn’t have to be seen as a negative! This is a time where your wedding and ceremony can be more intimate, more personal. 

One thing is for sure, celebrations will be more valued than ever before!

If you’re not quite to the wedding planning stage, but know you’re ready to pop the question, it’s time to start looking at rings. That’s where Stewart Kuper Jewelers can help you best! Schedule your personal appointment and together we can find you and your beloved the perfect ring to say I do!