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What to Consider When Buying a Watch

May 4, 2016
Helix House

At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we are not just experts in diamonds and jewelry, we also specialize in classic, elegant, high-quality watches. A watch isn’t just a timepiece. It is also a fashion piece and a statement piece. When shopping for a watch, there are a number of questions you want to ask yourself such as, “When will I be wearing it?”, “What is my budget?” and “What will I be using it for?” These questions and considerations can help start you on the path to buying the perfect watch for you or your loved one.

Avoid Large Retailers

When shopping for a high-quality, personal piece like a watch, it is best to avoid large retailers and big box stores. They will not have specialized knowledge or inventory you need. When shopping in these locations, you may be pressured into making a quick purchase. It is almost always better to take your time and work closely with someone who specializes in watches and jewelry.

Quality Construction and Design

Style is very important, but you also want to focus on finding a watch that has quality construction and design. A watch with a thick sapphire crystal cover will not only be highly scratch resistant, but it will also resist shattering. Solid metal construction, grade 316L stainless steel or higher, will be both strong and elegant. Keep an eye out for watches with folded metal or hollow bracelet links. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but they will not be as durable as a watch with solid metal links.

Ask about the Movement

Ask questions about the movement of the watches, you are shopping for. Is it Swiss quartz movement or Japanese quartz movement? Can they tell you the difference between the two? Ask them to compare the movement to that of other watches in the store. Use all of these factors together to pick out the watch that is perfect for you.