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When and Why to Give Jewelry Gifts

August 15, 2018
Helix House

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Welcome back to the Stewart Kuper Blog! We hope you summer months have been going wonderfully. Our new business model is in full swing (we’re appointment only now, contact us to schedule yours!) and we thought it might be time to get back into our more informative blogs. In this case, answering the question ‘When to buy jewelry?’

Just take a look at our Jewelry page and you’ll see a wide variety of kinds of jewelry and purposes. Curious if you need to pick up your new sweetie an upcoming birthday necklace? What about Christmas? Read on and we’ll give you an overview of some of the events, holidays, or anniversaries that might make for a good trip to the jewelers.


That’s right, we’ll get the obvious one out of the way first. Anniversaries of all kinds (wedding, engagement, dating) are a perfect opportunity to give a sparkling treasure as a gift. If you are a committed couple but have no plans for marriage, your anniversary is the time to mark the occasion with a beautiful ring featuring a favorite stone or a necklace they can wear with everything. If you are married, there are traditional anniversary gifts and materials to choose from. Take a look at our Anniversary page for more ideas.

Valentine’s Day

The holiday of love is a classic occasion for the giving of jewelry. If Valentine’s comes through during the first 6 or so months you can probably opt for something a bit smaller, unless of course, you’re really trying to wow! In which case, and for each Valentine’s Day after, look for classic pieces. A silver or gold locket, diamond studs, or other simple gemstone pieces.


Whether they admit it or not, people do expect something special on their birthdays. And who wouldn’t, it’s their day, a celebration of them! Birthdays make for the perfect occasion to give jewelry with a birthstone! A piece that can be worn year-round can be the best present of all.


Like birthdays, this holiday is a classic for gift giving. While the holiday itself isn’t as romantic as Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to deny that getting cozy inside by a fire during the cool winter brings warmth to our hearts. Like birthdays, a classic necklace or stud earrings that can be worn on any occasion make for a safe choice.


Ok, this may be obvious. But of course, an engagement is the time to give a ring. It’s what you do. Work with a jeweler and/or your significant other to get the perfect ring. If you need to know more about this we have a number of blogs on just this subject!

New Baby

This one may surprise you but buying a gift of jewelry for after a newborn is what’s called a ‘Push Present.’ Giving your loved one a present after they’ve had a child is a great way to show how much you value them and your new baby! On these occasions, getting a piece with the baby’s birthstone can mean so much to the new mom. Bonus! When the child gets older it can be passed down to them to treasure further!

Other occasions that warrant a gift? New Year’s! Easter! Mothers’ Day! Fathers’ Day! Bridal Shower! Bachelorette party! Sympathy! Christening! Confirmation! Bar/Bat Mitzvah! Graduation! Good Bye! Promotion! Any occasion you want to mark and celebrate!

Jewelry is incredibly sentimental and there are pieces and styles for everyone. They are one of the most long-lasting gifts you can give to someone, a treasure that can become a family heirloom! If you are going to buy a piece to celebrate whatever occasion remember to pay attention to the recipient’s style and tastes. The last thing anyone wants is to give (or receive) the wrong thing!

There are quite a few reasons on the calendar for buying jewelry, but these are just tradition. There doesn’t need to be any reason, in particular, to gift your sweetie a special treasure If you are looking to get them something special, contact us and together with your personal jeweler Stewart Kuper, you can get the perfect piece!