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Why Use a Local Jeweler?

January 8, 2021
Helix House

In this era of instant gratification and online shopping, when anyone needs to buy something from dog food to even a new car people’s first instinct is to head to Google and pull their credit card out. But wait! There are some things online shopping just isn’t the best option for, and one of those is buying jewelry. This time on the Stewart Kuper Jeweler blog, we’re talking about why local jewelers are the right decision for any jewelry shopping.

What are the Risks of Shopping Online?

Don’t get us wrong, online shopping is great for so many reasons. It’s fast, efficient, you can find just about anything you’re looking for! But when it comes to engagement ring shopping, for instance, the risks shouldn’t be ignored – it’s not the same as ordering an old copy of Moby Dick!

Sticking with the thought of engagement ring shopping, you’re looking to buy a treasured piece you don’t want to be fast. You want to be thorough. You want to take time and give it the attention needed. 

Think of all the senses and how doing your shopping through a screen can limit that? When it comes to jewelry you care about two things, the look and the feel.

When it comes to look the risk is clear: photos alone can’t do a piece justice. Jewelry is intricate, made with fine details, and photos and computer screens don’t capture the luster of diamonds and other precious stones. 

Say you made a purchase, you thought the ring looked perfect but you received it only to find it doesn’t fit or it’s uncomfortable to wear. Maybe the ring isn’t even what you asked for, it’s the wrong style or the stone is damaged when you received it. There are so many variables for what could go wrong and if any of them were to happen what recourse would you have? You don’t have the name and face and number of the jeweler you worked with, you likely didn’t have the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have had – you probably Googled for those too. While you may have found great informative blogs talking you through how to buy a diamond like a pro nothing beats the clear and specific answers to your unique question and unique piece.

Internet shopping also runs the risk of just not finding exactly what you want. So with all that laid out, how does a local jeweler take care of all these troubles?

Local Jewelers Save the Day!

A local jeweler is a person, and we cannot stress that enough because it really is the answer to all those risks. A local jeweler is there to give an incredible depth of knowledge for the jewelry in question. They have years of experience and can guide your search of the perfect ring, asking you the right questions to find exactly what you’re looking for – even when you don’t know yourself! Working with a local jeweler is an experience, not just a product. Shopping for a ring is closer to buying a home than shoes – it’s bound to come with plenty more questions and details than you initially realize. Working together locally, you’ll have every answer.

You can see and feel each ring in person, to better inspect the quality and have a true understanding of the ring’s shape, size, and beauty. You’ll see how exactly rose gold looks under certain lighting, exactly how your diamond sparkles.

Oh, and remember that concern about not being able to find the exact right ring for your beloved? Talented local jewelers can create custom pieces to fit your exact specifications! If your unique ring isn’t out there – bring it into the world! Work together, be as involved as you like as a great deal of the creative process is in your hands.

The convenience of buying an engagement ring online may be tempting but it doesn’t outweigh the benefits of working with your local jeweler. Having a partner in the process will make everything so much smoother, and when the ring needs care in the future or if something should happen you have someone you can rely on to make things right. 

Ready to work with your local jeweler? Give us a call and schedule your appointment today! Stewart Kuper Jewelers is Tucson’s local jeweler and we’re here to help!