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5 Engagement Ring Styles for Your Holiday Proposal

December 8, 2022
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There is truly nothing more exciting (or nerve wracking!) than picking out engagement rings for your soon-to-be spouse—especially in preparation for a holiday proposal! The holidays are already a thrill, but a diamond engagement ring in addition? What a precious time of life that you and your partner will never forget!

Although exciting, it’s safe to say that proposing is a lot of work. 

Whether you’re proposing in your living room or somewhere exotic, simply asking someone to be your life partner is a big deal. And with the added stress of picking the perfect engagement ring to boot? Proposing can seem… challenging. It’s a lot of pressure for sure! 

Let us guide you through the top 5 engagement ring styles for this holiday season so that your partner won’t only be surprised that you popped the question — they’ll also be shocked by your exquisite taste, too. 

1. Pavé Bands 

First things first: What is a pavé band?

Pavé bands are wedding or engagement rings that have diamonds or gems encrusted around the band. The diamonds that glisten around the ring make the ring look large, expensive, and simply exquisite.

The French word “pavé” relates to “paved”, because the diamonds resemble paved roads, like cobblestone. Or paved roads of gold, if you will!  Pavé bands can serve a couple different purposes, too. Pavé bands are an excellent accent to a center stone, especially if you’re going for extra sparkle and pazazz.

However, if your loved one is more minimalistic or modest, pavé bands can be an understated engagement ring by itself, without a focal diamond in the center. There are several different styles of pavé bands to choose from, and you’re sure to find something you love if you’re going the pavé route. 

We love pavé settings for the upcoming season because they never go out of style. Whether you’re building a custom engagement ring, going vintage or ultra-modern; pavé bands have a place in any style of engagement ring and stand the test of time. 

2. Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings 

Does your loved one value unique, rare, one-of-a-kind diamonds? Then a salt and pepper engagement ring just might be for them. Alternative and bohemian brides love salt and pepper rings because there just isn’t anything on the market like them.

No two salt and pepper diamond rings are the same because of the coloration inside of the diamonds. These naturally occurring diamonds have color inclusions and markings inside of stones, making them incredibly interesting to look at. The varying grades of salt and pepper in the diamonds create a dynamic palette when paired with pavé bands as well. 

And when you choose a salt and pepper diamond, you can’t go wrong with any color of metal setting. The color play of the black and white in the diamonds make for an interesting, bespoke, and alternative look. Whether you choose rose gold, white gold, gold, platinum or silver — salt and pepper diamonds are absolutely stunning. 

3. Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings 

There is truly nothing more delicate, timeless, and poised than a yellow diamond engagement ring. Yellow diamond engagement rings offer a feminine softness. When paired with the perfect band, yellow diamonds compliment all kinds of different skin tones, look upscale (no matter the size of diamond!), and are always on trend. 

Yellow diamonds are thought to have meaning, too. Some suggest the color of the diamond represents optimism, love, and endless happiness. 

As with all colored diamonds, yellow diamonds vary in color. Some folks prefer soft, nearly pastel looking yellow diamonds, while others might prefer a bright pop of sunshine instead.

If your bride is the bright light in your life, then a yellow diamond engagement ring just might be for her. 

4. Custom Engagement Rings with Repurposed Heirloom Diamonds

Having a new diamond ring is special, but repurposing an heirloom diamond ring that belonged to someone you love? Now that is priceless. And at Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we love to help couples create custom engagement rings with diamonds that mean the world to them. 

Repurposing family diamonds is incredibly special. Diamonds last lifetimes, and it’s moving to imagine that your spouse will live their lives with the same diamonds on their finger as their family (or your family!) member did. Keeping gems in the family is sacred to many and we love to honor that. 

In addition, working with heirloom diamonds cuts corners and solves some problems for many couples. When you’re reusing diamonds, you’re saving money by not having to buy new ones.

If you’re repurposing diamonds, chances are that you’ll have more money to spend on customization rather than purchasing new diamonds themselves.  

5. Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings 

While many modern brides prefer a fresh take on diamond engagement rings, the market for vintage-inspired engagement rings continues to grow. Vintage will always stand strong in the face of jewelry fads and trends. This style of engagement ring also offers sentimental value, even if the ring isn’t really vintage in age but by design instead.

Vintage-inspired engagement rings offer a nostalgia that can’t be ignored. This style of ring can remind brides of the women before them who made them feel seen and loved, or taught them what they know about life. They might have grown up with other women who wore these styles of rings, and having a vintage-inspired engagement ring might make them feel close to the women they love the most. 

Consider Stewart Kuper for Your Diamond Engagement Ring 

We love to help people find the ring they’re looking for, and would be honored to help you in making the perfect selection. Reach out to us today so that we can help you wow your bride and ace your proposal!