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Anniversary Ideas to Celebrate Your Love

September 28, 2021
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On the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog, we talk at length about engagement rings, wedding bands, and the process of going from dating to marriage. It’s the story of love and we are here for it! That is just the beginning of a beautiful journey that lasts for years to come! This time on the blog we decided to dip our toes into those years after the ceremony to help you celebrate your love continuously with some stellar anniversary ideas!

Anniversary Ideas

Enjoy the Outdoors

This could range from packing a nice picnic, taking a hike, going camping or backpacking or more. If you’re a couple who love the outdoors, treat yourself to that next level of outdoors you’ve been dreaming of but haven’t gotten around to. Regular hikers have you been meaning to up your game? Plan a weekend backpacking trip or hit one of the national parks that are still on your bucket list!

Not outdoorsy but like to get away? Find a camping (or glamping) spot to spend the time simply or luxuriating in a cabin with all the bells and whistles.

The key is to do something special and spend time together. However, that takes shape!

Indulge Your Tastes

Food, sweets, champagne, wines, you name it, you can indulge! For many celebrating their wedding anniversary enjoying a slice (or smaller version) of the wedding cake is obvious! If this is the crux of your big day, you can build upon it by checking with your baker to see if there are options to help decorate the cake. Don’t have the option to have the original baker recreate their masterwork? Try and mimic it at home – no it probably won’t taste the same but hey the moment is special and cake is always delicious!

Prefer to enjoy something sparkling, bubbly, red or white? Set up a champagne brunch or arrange for a wine tasting. These you can plan anywhere you like, maybe you get a few bottles of your favs and make your own romantic spot in the backyard, maybe you hold it on one night of a getaway. For those couples who enjoy wine, it is always a romantic favorite.

Tattoos for Two

Now here’s a bit of a wilder suggestion that might not be for everyone. What if you plan a tattoo date together! They can be matching designs to celebrate your life together, or maybe ones that fit your personal flights of fancy. The shared experience will be a treasured memory for years to come!

Relive the Memories

Go back to your first date site and remember those first butterflies. Head to your wedding venue and enjoy dinner. Go through old photos and videos and talk about who you were then, who you are now, and how things have grown and changed over the years. 

Take a Class Together

This is an anniversary plan that can go far beyond just the day itself – if you want it to! Sign up for a class; cooking, dancing or art. Maybe it’s a foreign language at a local community college to prepare for a future trip! The couple that learns together is spending time together – and isn’t this what it is all about?

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon and other Daredevil Activities

If you’re looking for an adrenaline shot of life, maybe set your sights to the sky! Go skydiving, ride a hot air balloon, go bungee jumping. For those adrenaline junkies this might not be as memorable as you’d think but for those couples who are interested but haven’t taken the plunge this can be a moment you’ll never forget!

Do a Double Surprise

Worried about leaving everything in the hands of your significant other to plan? Want a surprise but don’t want to have to wait and hope for one? Here’s an idea- mutually agree and assign each other the task of planning one half of the big day! Maybe one person gets to plan dinner and the other an event. Maybe you agree to a two day spectacular where each of you plans one day. You get the best of both worlds, a touching surprise and planning just the right thing for you!.

If you’re looking for something around Tucson to do check out some of the Best Romantic Things to Do Around Town.

However you choose to celebrate, whether it’s reliving your first date night or going on a romantic getaway, don’t forget the anniversary gift!  We’ve talked about traditional gifts in the past, here’s a handy chart:

With that in hand you should be able to find something just right to celebrate your love. Want to work with an expert jeweler proudly serving Tucson for decades? Give us a call and schedule your private appointment with Stewart Kuper.

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