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Basic Tips For Storing Fine Jewelry In The Right Way

March 18, 2015
Helix House

There are many ways to store jewelry however storing fine jewelry in the right way can make a big difference in terms of preventing damage and eliminating the potential for loss. For example, one of the easiest ways to protect jewelry is to choose carefully when it comes to a jewelry box. Choosing a box that has a soft velvet interior and a sturdy durable exterior is often the best choice.

Soft Fabric Pouch

Keeping jewelry safe and sound and in its original luster simply means providing a soft fabric environment for pieces when they are not being worn. While traveling it is recommended to use a soft fabric pouch to carry jewelry. When choosing a jewelry box for home it is best to choose one that has multiple compartments for different types of pieces.

Thoroughly Cleaned After Each And Every Use

Even choosing a box that matches one’s interior decor is a smart way to make jewelry storage attractive and functional. Equally important is to ensure that jewelry pieces are always thoroughly cleaned after each and every use. Jewelry that is simply placed back into a jewelry box with body oils and salt still on the pieces will eventually become tarnished and dull looking. There are many inexpensive high-quality cleaning solutions on the market today that can be used to clean a wide variety of pieces in a quick and efficient way. Getting in the habit of cleaning jewelry every time it is worn can ensure that pieces will always look their best.

Anklets And Pendants Should All Have Their Own Unique Space

Finally, to get the most out of storing pieces of jewelry it is best to store each piece by its type. This simply means that earrings should be with earrings and necklaces should be with necklaces. Wristwatches, anklets and pendants should all have their own unique space within a larger storage box. Individual soft pouches can be used to store pieces inside each compartment of a jewelry box. This is added protection that will help to ensure that pieces are not lost and that scratching does not occur. Contact Stewart Kuper Jewelers today to learn more about a Tucson jeweler that is reliable and dependable.