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Birthstones and Meanings (January-March)

December 20, 2016
Helix House



Like all stones, birthstones have deep and rich meanings. Whether you purchase them for yourself or for someone as a thoughtful and kind gift, knowing more about their meanings and symbols can make these stones even more special. Be sure to read up on some of the interesting meanings behind your birthstone in this series!

January- Garnet

Aside from its rich, red color, the meaning behind garnet is even richer. According to legend, garnet was worn by many to keep them safe throughout their travels. It was also said that children who wore garnet to bed would avoid waking up from nightmares, as the stone contained special powers of protection. In modern times, garnet symbolizes powerful notions of love, faith, and courage.

February- Amethyst

This light, purple stone is said to hold powers that protect the wearer from things such as arthritis, general illness, and even drunkenness. The word amethyst actually comes from the Greek word “amethystos,” which means “sober.”  Some historical documents even note that this stone was worn by a number of Catholic Popes as a ring. It was even noted that only royalty could wear this stone in ancient times.

March- Aquamarine

This brilliantly blue gemstone is as bold and beautiful as the ocean itself. Legend has it that early sailors would always wear aquamarine talismans before heading out to sea, usually etched with the design of Neptune, the sea god, to protect them from harmful weather and other dangers in the ocean. Ancient people believed that wearing aquamarine could prevent things like stomach diseases, liver disease, and heart problems. Symbolically, aquamarine represents youth, happiness, and affection.