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Common Diamond Buying Mistakes

March 16, 2016
Helix House

At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we have a passion for quality work and a desire never to stop impressing our loyal customers. When we match the perfect piece of custom jewelry with an enthusiastic and happy customer, we know that we are taking part in something that will last a lifetime. The perfect piece of jewelry can stay with you forever, which is why picking out the perfect piece is so important. In today’s blog, we will discuss common diamond buying mistakes and give you strategies for avoiding them.

1. Ask for Guidance
The biggest mistake individuals can make when shopping for a diamond, is to try to do so without any help. Professional jewelers have years of experience and incredible amounts of knowledge. Come in and let us give you our Diamond Tutorial, educating you about the 4 C’s of Diamonds, and what they mean to you. Let us be a resource for you.

2. Not Shopping Around
Diamonds are incredible. It is easy to fall in love. Never settle for the first diamond to strike your fancy. It is important to shop around, to spend some time in the shop seeing everything that is available. Explore different styles and looks. If you have an idea for what you want your piece to look like, share that idea with your jeweler. They can help you explore it, expand upon it, and bring it into reality.

3. Consider Everything
When shopping for a diamond it is important to remember that many factors contribute to the overall appearance of a piece of jewelry. The style of the band and the setting interact with the four Cs in dynamic ways. Making a change to just one of these elements will affect all the rest. Have a vision for what you want the complete piece to look like, and work closely with a professional jeweler in achieving that goal.