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Custom Made Jewelry for Any Occasion

October 1, 2020
Helix House

From sketch to finished design, at Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we offer the best in high-quality custom jewelry. From the conception and initial design, our custom made jewelry is a uniquely handcrafted and personalized work of art inspired by you, and for you, or for those you love. Bespoke art makes a priceless gift for nearly any occasion, or it allows you to personalize and create a little something for yourself that’s truly one of a kind. 

Custom Made Jewelry For Engagements 

     Bespoke engagement rings are the ultimate must-have for the unique bride-to-be who wants something a little different, a touch more personal, who in collaboration with the jeweler is interested in the design choice. Perhaps it’s even a bold groom-to-be who is interested in directing design decisions, who has the perfect idea in mind that only a personalized engagement ring will satisfy. Custom is something never owned and never worn by anyone else before, specifically designed to be worn by one special person. Handmade with the wearer in mind, it’s hard to think of anything more suited for such a careful and unique process than the engagement ring.

Handmade Jewelry for Anniversaries  

Whether this is your 1st anniversary or 50th, the only limitation on design is imagination. Custom jewelry allows you to speak to the inner and outer beauty of your spouse, and to commemorate your wedding with something as lovely and unique as they are. One-of-a-kind gemstones are custom to fit any idea and to bring to life any concept that seems to perfectly fit your special someone. A piece of jewelry can be inspired by a memory of your favorite trip abroad together, the romantic getaway that makes them always smile and think of you when they see tulips or think of the Eiffel tower. A bespoke anniversary broach can be designed to emulate your wedding bouquet in sparkling miniature or create a charmingly romantic design. The possibilities for inspiration and design are limitless but only you know what the perfect, and uniquely suited one will be.        

A Bespoke Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

There is always one person who is impossible to shop for but at Stewart Kuper Jewelers we’re here to help make the perfect piece of jewelry for even the hardest to shop for person–because you aren’t shopping, you’re taking part in creating something special. The creative freedom of custom design allows you the luxury of making jewelry that will speak specifically to Mom’s heart; a necklace thoughtfully designed with the birthstones of her grandchildren, a bracelet that looks like the winding leaves of her garden glimmering around her wrist. Father’s day can be an opportunity to think of ways to create mementos Dad will cherish; cufflinks with a tasteful shine that look a little like his Dad’s, a ring hand-carved that reminds him of a first hunting trip.         

Custom For You

If there has always been an idea simmering in your mind, or a piece of jewelry you’ve always looked and hoped for when browsing but haven’t found, we can help craft your dream into reality. Jewelry can be profoundly personal, and we think that it should be a true reflection of you. Custom designed jewelry has unlimited options. The piece you help design can be simple or ornate. The ability to make choices about it permits you to have a whole different kind of jewelry experience, one that requires thought and creativity, but that is incredibly rewarding when your final design has become real. 

There are  limitless possibilities when it comes to developing a new piece of jewelry. There exists nearly as many occasions to do so–custom jewelry can be a great baby shower gift, something unique to give an expectant mother, a birthday gift, an anniversary gift and that unique engagement ring. Whatever your inspiration may be, we’re excited to talk design and can’t wait to create a custom piece of art with you, get in touch with us and we can schedule a consultation and get one step closer to making your ideas come to life.