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Diamond Cuts 101 (Part 2)

March 19, 2017
Helix House


Welcome back to our two part series on the various diamond shapes and cuts! We covered some of the most popular in the first part of this series, and we hope you enjoyed reading and that you learned something new and valuable! We last left off with the princess cut, so let’s jump right on in with even more cuts that you will enjoy…

  • Round Brilliant Shape Cut: This cut might be the most timeless, recognizable, and classic of all the cuts in the world. In fact, it just might be the original cut! It is said that diamond cutters have worked for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in order to maximize the brilliance of these cuts in the light. When picking out a round brilliant shape cut, it is important to keep in mind that you will want to purchase the highest quality of diamond available, even with the additional price tag. The higher the quality, the more brilliant the shine!
  • Cushion Shape Cut: Cushion shaped cuts, sometimes known as pillow shaped cuts, are a lot like princess cuts in that they are extremely detail oriented and intricate. You can also purchase cushion shaped cuts in a square or rectangle shape. However, unlike the princess cut, cushion shaped cuts have softer, rounded edges, making them distinctly different from the princess cut. They also differ in that they tend to remain the same color when in the light, rather than the original color of the diamond being focused towards the center.
  • Marquise Shape Cuts: One of the less popular but easily recognizable cuts is the marquise shaped cut. They are characterized by their unique shape, and have a different length to width ratio depending on the original size of the diamond. They most closely resemble a pear shaped cut, but differ in that they are pointed on both ends, while the middle is greater in overall width of the stone.

All of our experts at Stewart Kuper Jewelers are glad to sit and speak with you about the various cuts, colors, and shapes of our wide collection!