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Engagement Ring Trends of 2010

July 8, 2010
Stewart Kuper

Let Stewart Kuper Jewelers introduce you to the hottest new engagement ring styles.

While a simple solitaire is always classic choice, you’re also sure to please with these unique twists on a timeless tradition.

Ring Style #1: Colorful Gems
For a woman with an nontraditional style, colored engagement rings are always a good bet. From pink diamond engagement rings to other colorful gemstones like beryl, sapphires, and rubies, there’s a bevy of choices in pretty much any color you can think of.

Ring Style #2: Diamonds All Around
A gorgeous diamond gets lots of character from its surroundings. And these current styles drizzled with diamonds are definitely a hit among brides and designers alike. Not only do the extra diamonds add tons of sparkle, but they can enhance the size or at least give the illusion of a larger center stone. What bride-to-be (and groom too) wouldn’t love that?

Ring Style #3: Intricately Raised Settings
Ring settings are really raising the bar — elaborate and (more important) lofty designs are hot. There’s nothing like a delicately draped bow or precision-cut mold to give your center stone the spotlight.

Ring Style #4: Twisted Bands
Designers have opted to put a little more swing in their rings. From swirling diamond bands to more streamlined metal twists, we’re enamored with this smooth move.

Ring Style #5: Vintage Glamour
Heirloom styles, though rich in history, are definitely not a tired idea. Think intricate settings with metal and diamond detailing.

Ring Style #6: Eco-friendly Rings
These dazzling designers prove that it’s hip to have more than just a green thumb. Decorate your ring finger with conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold settings.

– From TheKnot.com

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