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GIA Diamond Certification – The Four Ws: Who, What, Why, and Ho(W)

October 1, 2018
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GIA Diamond Certification

GIA Diamond Certification

Welcome back to the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog! This month we wanted to focus on the process of providing the finest quality jewelry to our customers, from sourcing and vetting the perfect diamonds to the creation of beautiful custom pieces. To start this month off, we wanted to look at the GIA Diamond Certification process. Who does it? What is it? Why is it important?

GIA Diamond Certification

First, we should answer what exactly a diamond certificate is. This is the documentation that verifies the condition of a diamond, all of the factors that make it what it is. It will document the clarity, the cut, and more, to ensure the person purchasing it is getting the diamond they are being sold.
Unfortunately, not all diamond certificates are created equal, as the skills and knowledge are not uniform between labs, so you want to go with the best in the business. The GIA.

Who is The GIA?

The GIA is the Gemological Institute of America, the top authority on diamonds, precious stones, pearls, etc. They are a nonprofit and the source of standards, information, and education in the industry of diamonds and jewelry. They created the 4Cs that we discuss so frequently on the site and in business, the standards that diamonds are graded by worldwide. To put it simply, they know what they are talking about.
Of course, there isn’t just one GIA lab, but many, and they all operate with the highest standards, the most dialed in, sophisticated instruments, and a database of records than spans the globe. This allows them to consistently classify diamonds with others of similar kind.

Why Get a GIA Diamond Certificate?

This makes the GIA Diamond Certificate the bar by which all others are measured. Of course, we want our diamonds to bear that seal of approval. So, we work with the Gemological Institute of America to ensure that our diamonds have certifications, paperwork backed by reputable and trusted authorities. This gives our customers the reassurance that when they are looking for a diamond of a certain clarity, a certain color, when Stewart Kuper shows them just such a stone, they can trust that it is exactly that.

How Does Diamond Certification Work?

The GIA labs operate with the leading, most advanced instruments. These are the tools the top universities and labs use to further their scientific fields. The experts at the GIA take the diamond, and utilizing intense magnification, examine and identify the materials of the gem. The process looks a little something like this:

1. The loose gem stone, the GIA needs it to be loose to get an accurate report, is sent to the nearest GIA lab.
2. They then identify the properties, the chemical composition, and any other characteristics of note.
3. The GIA compiles a diamond report of their findings and assigns the diamond a unique ID number. If you wish you can have the ID number laser inscribed on the girdle of the stone. It is only visible through a microscope or loupe and is an additional cost (only about ~$30).
4. The report and stone are returned. All in all the process should take about 3 weeks.

The GIA Diamond Certification process is to help solidify trust between customer and jeweler, to standardize the way we all understand and grade diamonds. And when it comes to something so rare, so precious, so valuable, having an expert back it is crucial. Almost all of our diamonds are GIA certified. Ready to start your search for the perfect diamond?

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