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How Not to Propose

July 10, 2021
Helix House

Last time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers Blog we gave you the rundown on how to propose. This time we’re approaching the same idea but from a different angle – here’s how not to propose, what to avoid and what to just not do when you’re asking someone to spend their life with you. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

For the Perfect Proposal Avoid

Making a Public Proposal

Unless you are absolutely sure your partner has said they want a big public to-do, maybe don’t do it. This includes sports games, comedy shows, in front of family. Public proposals put a lot of pressure and nerves on everyone involved. They can be loud, distracting, stressful, depending on the audience. Keep it personal and intimate unless you know otherwise. 

Proposing Too Early

New relationships sweep you off your feet, there’s no denying it! You might even know for sure that you are ready for marriage. And with that new love rushing through your veins it might be hard to prevent yourself from doing something rash. But this comes back to our first point in the last blog. Make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to getting married. Make sure it’s what your partner wants and feels too, before popping the questions. Proposing when only one of you wants that can put a wrench in the relationship.

Expecting an Immediate Yes

Now obviously, if you followed that last point you should only be proposing when you know it’s something you both want, but recognize that it’s quite a big moment! Asking someone to marry you is huge and even if they are excited for it their mind might skip a beat as they freeze. They might even say maybe. They may need time to think it over and consider. Whatever the answer is, it might not be an immediate, enthusiastic yes and that’s okay. People are different and what they need in that special moment varies so don’t go in too specific of expectations and allow your partner the slack they may need to navigate this big question. You’ve done your part in asking!

Making it Complicated

In the process of making your proposal unique and perfectly tailored to you and yours, you risk over complicating things.  Relying on limos, or elaborate dance numbers or any other extra factors can make the proposal that much more stressful – and stressful doesn’t necessarily = good. 

For instance: hiding the engagement ring in food. A commonly seen thing in film, leading to a few confused bites and fishing the ring out. But think about the potential for that to go wrong? They might bite on a diamond and crack a tooth, or swallow it whole!

So, unless you have a very specific, personal, unique reason to make the proposal complicated, it might be best to simplify things.

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