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How to Plan a Wedding – You’ve Popped the Question, Now What?

July 25, 2021
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Last month we talked about how to propose, from ensuring you’re on the same page to being flexible when the actual night arrived. Now… What comes next? How do you get from engaged to married? This time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog we’re going to give you a brief rundown on some of the next steps to take your relationship from engaged to honeymooning!

This is far from an all encompassing piece! There are entire industries devoted to this (as you are no doubt about to find out) with some lists having a couple dozen to do’s! But a little primer from your jeweler might help you get started and find your footing!

First Steps – Thinking!

First things first, it’s time to start thinking. You don’t have to commit to anything just yet, but having a few ideas can help you get the ball rolling. Get an idea of about when you want to tie the knot. Consider any special days or time of the year. For now, be flexible. 

While you’re still in the sketching out phase, take a beat to figure out your priorities for the big day. What’s most important for each of you? What things are negotiable and what things aren’t? Before either one of you starts building the wedding list and picking out a dress, it’s good to find the common ground to build from!

With all that in mind, start thinking about a budget. What’s an upper limit? What’s reasonable? If your or your fiance(e)’s parents are going to be involved, speak to them early to have an understanding of what is available to you when it comes to costs.

Prep a Timeline

With a time frame in mind, break down what steps you need to accomplish and when you need to do them. This isn’t set in stone, but having the first few steps outlined will help you build momentum! Here’s an example wedding checklist and timeline you might look at.

First up, visiting venues and setting your date!

Visit Venues, Visualize, and Finalize Your Timeline

What do you want your big day to look like? With a time frame in mind and a general idea of what it is you want from your special day you can start touring different venues to see what’s available for you in those date ranges. Tour a couple options, even if you love the first venue, visit another just to have something to compare it to. Speak with the venue about your proposed dates and see what they have available. With your wedding (and/or reception) venue picked you have the first solid date on your timeline: the big day!

Plan Your Guest List and Wedding Party

Depending on the venue you’re eying, the guest list likely has a firm cap on it, so now it’s time to start solidifying it. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to your guest list – you invite whomever you and your partner want. It’s your special day. So come to an understanding of who you two want on your big day and start sending out those save the dates or invitations!

You no doubt already have an idea of who you want to be in your wedding party as well so make sure you clear it with them! The sooner everyone has it on their calendar, the better!

Plan, Plan, Plan

With the key pieces in place it’s time to plan many of the other wedding ideas, picking out catering, lining up DJs, photographers, doing taste tests. You can make it as intricate or simple as you like – you might also look into hiring a wedding planner to help with the process.  

Through all of this remember to take breaks! Planning your big day can easily take up all of your energy but that’s no way to spend your entire engagement! Make sure you give yourself time to not plan, but to celebrate your love and growing relationship.

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