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How to Propose, Select a Ring, and More – Engagement Traditions from Stewart Kuper Jewelers

June 20, 2019
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We are in the midst of wedding season! From Spring to early Autumn, Americans everywhere are getting married! You no doubt have a few invites coming your way or already on your fridge today! You might even be thinking about popping the big question yourself! Today on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog, we are looking at ‘how to propose,’ how folks select a ring and other engagement concerns!

How to Propose

  1. Get down on one knee
  2. Take your love by the hand
  3. Ask her, ‘Will you marry me?’

That’s it! Well, no not really. But here’s the thing: proposals can be whatever you want! The traditional way is a tradition for a reason, it is a romantic gesture that is understood. There’s no misunderstanding what your partner means when they are down on one knee with a ring. For some, tradition is what matters. They want that experience.

For others, the tried and true method might not be exactly how you want to approach this. The best way, is the way your partner wants to be asked! Think about what you enjoy as a couple, the things that matter to you and the kind of attention (or lack thereof) that they would want. If you know your partner gets shy, asking them to be your life partner on the JumboTron is probably not the best idea.

How to Select an Engagement Ring

Another crucial piece to a successful proposal is the engagement ring itself! Traditional wisdom holds that you should be ready to spend ‘two months salary’ on an engagement ring. Again, if you’re feeling traditional than that’s a fine guideline to follow! Your potential fiancé/e might have their eyes set on something specific for their engagement ring that is outside that price point, whether higher or lower. Maybe you want to have something made custom for them.

Ring Shopping – What to Know

No matter what approach you take, there are a few things you’ll want to know.

  • Ring Size
  • Style preference, stones, metals, etc.
  • Your Budget

With those questions answered you can begin your hunt to find the perfect ring. If you aren’t worried about surprising your love, you can make it an event to go look at ring styles together. It is totally up to you, again, some people love the surprise while others want to have a hand in their engagement ring and there’s nothing right or wrong about either choice!

Fun Engagement Traditions from Around the World


In China, there is a tradition for a would-be husband to shoot his bride with a bow and arrow several times, picking up all the arrows and then during the ceremony breaking them all. This ensures the love lasts forever! Oh, special note, the arrows are headless, so no one is injured!


In India, engagement is a whole family affair! The man’s father will go to the woman’s father and ask permission for his son to marry. When approval is granted, they both make a vow in a ceremony that the wedding will take place. This is called the Lagna Patrika.


In Germany, the concept of engagement is taken at a more relaxed level. Instead of a full-blown engagement ring, Germans in love offer each other a promise ring, that they are together, in love, and building a future together. While in the engagement phase, the promise ring is worn on the left hand before being moved to the right following the ceremony.

There’s a lot of different traditions and advice on the best way to approach the moment. Whether or not to surprise your loved one, whether they should help you pick out a ring, how much to spend. Every step of the way there is a tradition to uphold or eschew. The crucial thing is to do what is true to you and your loved one, that is the right thing for you as a couple!

If you need any help in selecting a ring, browse potential options, ring shop with your partner, you have come to the right place. With Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we are an appointment based jeweler serving the Tucson area. Setting up an appointment with Stewart and your significant other can add an air of exclusivity to the ring shopping process, and our unrivaled jewelry is sure to please.