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Learning About Diamond Carat

November 25, 2015
Helix House

Over the last month we have been discussing the ‘four Cs’ which describe the major elements of a diamond. Cut, color, clarity, and carat all interact with each other in different, complex ways, which influence the overall appearance of a diamond. Probably the most known of the four Cs is carat, which describes the weight of a diamond. At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we believe the process of matching the right diamond with the right person comes down to balancing each of the four Cs and matching them with expectations and desires. We are here to act as your guide in the diamond buying process. Today we are going to discuss carat size, and the impact it has on overall appearance.
Start with the Basics
First off, two diamonds with equal carat weight may come at very different costs. Carat is just one of the factors determining the cost of a diamond. Each of the other four Cs plays a roll. If you are shopping for your partner, you should find out what their desires are. If the primarily desire is size, then carat may be the most important factor.
The cost of a diamond rises quickly as carat size increases. This is because the larger the diamond, the more exceedingly rare it is. However, size does not increase at the same rate as cost! For example, a 3 carat diamond does not have three times the diameter of a 1 carat diamond.
Tips for Choosing a Stone
When we are helping you pick out a stone, we almost always advise you to keep value in mind. Great value can be found when you are shopping for stones that are just under popular or common carat weights. A .90 carat diamond usually costs less per-carat than a 1 carat diamond. This could allow you to buy a stone that has higher ratings in cut, color, and clarity. As always, it is about finding the perfect, unique stone for you or your partner. We are here to help.