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New Year’s 2022 Jewelry Resolutions from Stewart Kuper Jewelers

January 15, 2022
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The new year is here! It’s 2022 and the time of fresh starts, new beginnings, and resolutions. And resolutions don’t just have to be about diet or exercise or other health steps. Resolutions can be about anything you want to take better steps for. This time on the Stewart Kuper Jeweler’s blog we’re going to discuss a few jewelry resolutions you can make to keep your treasures looking better than ever, and we’ll even share a few of our own!

Jewelry New Year Resolutions

I Will…

Take Care of My Gold Jewelry

Gold, silver, and platinum jewelry all give the impression of, not quite permanence, but durability. And that’s true! But they can still be scratched or tarnished if they’re not maintained properly. Follow this linked guide to learn how to take care of your gold jewelry and see that it will last for a long time to come!

Wear What I Like…

Jewelry can be a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s a treasure, a symbol of commitment, a fashion choice, an accessory – whatever it is, wearing jewelry does transform your style. Here is the important thing to remember: it’s your choice. Your style. So wear what you like! You’ll be happier for it, showing off your favorite pieces rather than feeling like you must wear a certain set of earrings. Life is too short for that!

…And Let Go Of What I Don’t

If you’re like many jewelry owners, chances are you have a box full of pieces you don’t even look at, let alone wear. Gifts, inheritance, or just old pieces you’ve fallen out of love with. It’s common to have a little treasure hoard of unloved jewelry collecting dust. But you can keep your jewelry box tidy, and give a boost to your bank account by selling that unwanted gold and diamond jewelry!

That’s where Stewart Kuper Jewelers can help you. Let’s take a look at what we’re resolving for 2022.

New Year’s Resolutions for Stewart Kuper Jewelers

We Resolve…

To Give Our Undivided Attention

Buying, selling, and even just browsing jewelry can be difficult for some customers, and all the questions that they may want to ask might not be asked, especially if they have to compete with other customers for attention. 

That’s not what we’re about. We want our customers to get every answer, every look, every try-on, everything. It’s why we offer one-on-one appointments so that every single customer gets all the time they need to get every question answered, every thought heard and the hands on guidance only an expert can provide.

Here at Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we resolve to always give you, our customers, our undivided attention.

To Offer the Best Value For Gold

At Stewart Kuper Jewelers we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity in all things, from how we source our jewelry to the prices we ask, to the value we will pay for others’ unwanted gold. Whether you want to sell your unloved gold jewelry or have questions about the true value of your items, we will give you an honest answer and, when it comes time to make a deal, an honest offer.

Our gold buying pricing is very fair, we are not here to play games. We evaluate your gold pieces and pay up to 80% of the spot gold market that day. Not 25%, not 40%, not 50% – 80%. It’s fair for you, the buyer, and it’s fair for us.

To Be Your Jeweler Partner 

Here at Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we know that buying (and selling) jewelry is a big step. Buying an engagement ring to propose that next step of life is huge. It can be incredibly daunting and nerve-wracking. We’ll help make this piece of the process as smooth as possible. At Stewart Kuper Jewelers, we do not work on commission. There is no pressure to purchase. This is not a one time visit. We want to start a lifetime relationship with you!

Let’s walk into 2022 with our best foot forward together!

We hope you enjoy your experience with us as much as we enjoy your visit. 

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