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Selling Estate & Pre-Owned Jewelry

January 30, 2023
Helix House

Selling your pre owned jewelry and estate jewelry can be an easy process at Stewart Kuper Jewelers.

We buy all gold and diamond jewelry in any shape. It does not need to be in good condition or cleaned.

We pay extra for ½ carat size diamonds and larger.

Some Information on Types of Diamond Cuts:
European Cut Diamonds

 European diamonds were cut during the time period of 1890 to the 1930s, and were considered the standard cut for diamonds during this time period. The European cut diamond is round, and has a larger table (the flat surface on the top of the diamond) than modern round brilliant cut diamonds.

Additionally, the crown (the upper part of the diamond between the table and the girdle) is much smaller, which leads to a shorter overall height for the diamond. European cut diamonds typically have a smaller number of facets than modern diamonds, ranging from 58 to 66, which gives them a timeless look and feel. 

European diamonds were typically cut to maximize carat weight over brilliance, so they often have a deeper pavilion— which means that more of the diamond’s weight is below the girdle. This can make the diamond appear smaller than a modern diamond of the same carat weight.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Old Mine diamonds were cut in the 18th and 19th centuries, and are often referred to as “cushion cut” diamonds. Old Mine cut diamonds have a more irregular shape than modern diamonds, with a squarish or rectangular shape and softly rounded corners. They typically have a smaller table and a higher crown, which leads to a deeper overall appearance.

Old Mine cut diamonds are known for their large, open culet (the small facet on the bottom of the diamond), which gives them a unique, antique appearance. The Old Mine cut is a precursor to the modern round brilliant cut, and can be considered a transitional cut between the earlier rose cut and the modern cut.

One of the main differences between European cut and Old Mine cut diamonds is their shape. European cut diamonds are round, while Old Mine cut diamonds are squarish or rectangular.

Additionally, European cut diamonds have a larger table than Old Mine cut diamonds, which gives them a larger surface area to reflect light. Old Mine cut diamonds, on the other hand, have a higher crown and a smaller table, which can make them appear more deeply colored and brilliant.

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