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Stewart Kuper Jewelers – New Year’s Resolutions

January 24, 2021
Helix House

The New Year has finally arrived! So many people around the world use this fresh year on the calendar as the perfect launching point for the new them, that’s right we’re talking about New Year’s Resolutions! This time on the blog let’s look at some jewelry resolutions you can add to your list! (Don’t worry, no exercise required!)

Your 2021 Jewelry Resolutions!

I Will…

Take Care of My Pieces

This is probably one you already do a fantastic job of but to be sure we figured we should include it! We’ve talked plenty in the past about the best ways to care for your pieces so instead how about some quick tips, 3 things you should always do, and 3 things to never do!


  1. Apply your lotions, cosmetics, and/or perfume before dressing in jewelry.
  2. When undressing, use a clean soft cloth to remove oils and perspiration from the jewelry.
  3. Store your pieces in a fabric-lined box, separated or individually wrapped to prevent them from scratching each other. 


  1. Wear jewelry when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening, or exercise.
  2. Expose jewelry to household cleaning products.
  3. Expose the pieces to swimming pools or hot tubs. 

The why of all of these should be pretty clear, you’re keeping your jewelry safe and protected from excess chemicals, liquids, damage, even sweat – all of which can, if left unchecked, harm your pieces.

Indulge Myself in Statement Pieces

You’re taking care of what you have, so why not look at something new? Statement pieces are wonderful and if you’re anything like us you’ve had your eyes on a few, dreaming wistfully of what you’d wear, and how often you’d use them. Make this the year you finally allow yourself to get them! These pieces make a statement, and while wearing them you will be too! What’s more of a resolution than resolving to make statements?

Experiment with My Style

Since you’re looking at getting some statement pieces, why not examine and experiment with your style and overall look as well! If you traditionally stick to just diamond or pearl jewelry, think about adding a ruby or emerald piece for a pop of color. It could change the whole way you think about your style!

Invest in Versatile Pieces

While your statement pieces will really wow and bring out a new style, expand your collection with versatile pieces as well that can be worn for multiple situations! Jewelry that works for work and a night out can see a lot of use in your rotation.

And finally, I will…

Let Things Go

We all have those pieces of jewelry we think we absolutely must keep. A gift from your aunt, an ex, or inherited from a distant relative. It’s common that we end up with more jewelry than we wear whatever the reason. Another resolution for 2021 can be to Let Things Go. You don’t have to hold on to what you don’t use or want, you can free yourself from the burden of regret every time you pass over an heirloom piece for your tried and true diamond studs. Work with a jeweler like Stewart Kuper and you can sell your unwanted, unloved pieces and use them to invest in that statement piece that you have always wanted.

Hopefully, you’ve found some of these resolutions useful for your New Year. Together let’s make 2021 the best one yet, and when you’re ready to invest in versatile, multipurpose jewelry, a show-stopping statement piece, or just ready to let go and get rid of some unwanted jewelry – Stewart Kuper Jewelers is here for you!