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The Sergio Black Diamond

May 7, 2017
Helix House


Even though most people think of diamonds as the clear, brilliant stones that people wear on their fingers when they are engaged or married, diamonds actually come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes.

So, what is the largest diamond in the world? It is actually a massively large black diamond named Sergio, or Carbonado do Sergio, in Portuguese. The diamond, which was found in 1895 in the state of Bahai in Brazil weighs a whopping 633.4 grams, and is a total of 3,167 carats. It is said that the Sergio diamond is approximately 61 carats heavier than the largest clear diamond ever found, which was discovered in South Africa in 1905.

What makes this find even more interesting is that these black carbonado diamonds are very rare, and hard to find. Discovering one this large, and still wonderfully intact was a huge feat for the owner of the mine.

While many have tried to place a monetary value on the Sergio diamond, no one has been able to. This is truly a priceless gem.

There has been a lot of scientific debate over the years as to how these diamonds are actually formed. However, while a full consensus has yet to be reached, many believe that carbonado diamonds are actually the result of ancient meteors that have made their way into the earth’s crust.

Other theories include the idea that these black diamonds were formed in space while a supernova exploded, and they were produced as a result of radiation induced fission of thorium and uranium, as well as a shock metamorphosis resulting from the impact of asteroids in space before they were found in the earth’s crust.

Unlike other kinds of natural diamonds, carbonado diamonds are the toughest type of diamond that has been found by humankind.