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Trending Jewelry for Fall

November 20, 2016
Helix House


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Just as there are styles and clothes specific to each season, there are pieces of jewelry that see a rise in popularity depending on the season! If you’re wondering what you should be sporting to keep up with the fall season, here are some of the styles that have been trending for this year:


This year, large earrings are in style. In particular, large, oblong plates. So the next time you go shopping, you’ll probably see more of this style available. With that in mind, dark, rich colors are most appropriate for the fall and winter seasons. Be on the lookout for colors like dark greens, reds, and purples!


In order to match your accessories, this season’s selection of necklaces is similar to earrings. Coming in large, circular or natural cuts, dark colored stones are most popular in terms of trendiness and style. Another alternative is wearing chains around your neck. Whether they be long or short, simple chains with no design attachments have been seen on models at all of the latest fashion shows. Lots of models have also been wearing a variety of safety pins that form a chain on their necks, as well.

You might have also seen a lot of people wearing choker necklaces. Even if this isn’t your particular style, more and more people have been wearing thick, black chokers when going out.


This fall, it’s popular to wear lots and lots of rings! Not just any kinds of rings, but large, chunky rings with stones, pearls, or large metal designs. When we mean large, we mean large enough to take up half of your finger. In terms of stones, they have all been of the darker colored variety.